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Updated 18 August 2009


The Neuro-Oncology Site Group at the BC Cancer Agency is composed of members from the four B.C. Cancer Agency (BCCA) Cancer Centers and associate physicians involved in patient care, research and teaching with respect to tumors of the CNS system. The group has provincial responsibilities and, as part of its mandate, will recommend management policies for neuro-oncologic diagnoses.

Patients with a pathologic (or occasionally imaging abnormalities highly suggestive of) diagnosis of a CNS tumor can be referred to the BCCA for consultation, treatment or follow-up. Routine referrals are usually seen within 10 working days while emergencies with rapid neurologic deterioration are seen as soon as possible. In addition to the core medical services, access to supportive services such as nursing, patient counseling and speech therapy, as well as referral to community occupational therapy, physiotherapy and home care nursing are also available. Selected uncommon or difficult cases are presented at the multidisciplinary neuro-oncology case conference on Friday mornings. This conference is video-linked to all 4 cancer centers. Referring physicians are most welcome to attend.

All new pediatric referrals should be referred to BC Children's Hospital to neurosurgery or oncology or neuro-oncology.

Despite the intensive treatments for patients with CNS tumors, the survival in some tumor types is short. Some patients may be candidates for participation in clinical trials of the various treatment modalities involved. Patient and Family Counselling Services, at the Vancouver Island and Vancouver Centres, offer Brain Tumour Support Groups to provide social and psychological support for patients and their family members.

Follow this link for reports required by the Admitting Department.