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Support Programs

Revised: December , 2013

When might I need support programs?

We all need support in our lives to remain healthy. The amount of connections to others we need is different for each of us. The Psychosocial Oncology Department offers various support programs that provide opportunities for social networking, education, learning new skills and finding out about practical information to help you along the way.

What's available in the cancer centre I go to?

Programs vary depending on what is available at your Cancer Centre but usually include a relaxation and stress reduction program.  Some programs may be related to a topic or geared for those with different types of cancer. While others may focus on the needs of different groups of people such as with our Children's Club or Chinese Support Group. 

Programs usually require that you register and they do not charge a fee. Participants are screened for participant suitability and our programs are always professionally facilitated.  To find out what is available select a link below and/or call your Cancer Centre's Patient & Family Counseling Services.

BC Cancer Agency's Fraser Valley Centre

BC Cancer Agency's Vancouver Centre

BC Cancer Agency's Vancouver Island Centre

BC Cancer Agency's Centre for the Southern Interior

BC Cancer Agency's Abbotsford Centre

BC Cancer Agency's Centre for the North

What’s available in my community?

Here are some community contacts that will be able to help you in your search for support: