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Educational Opportunities

Updated:  December 7, 2012


TCPS2 (CORE) Tutorial is required for Medical Residents & Graduate Students involved in human research

Medical residents and graduate students involved in research projects submitted to any of the UBC affiliated Research Ethics Boards (REB) are required to complete the TCPS 2 CORE (Course on Research Ethics) on-line tutorial before an application is submitted to the REB.  Exceptions:  If you completed the original TCPS tutorial or the Queen's University CHRPP (Course in Human Research Protection Program, you are not required to complete the TCPS2 tutorial, although it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the new TCPS2.

TCPS2  (Tri Council Policy Statement - 2nd Edition - 2010)
This is the guiding principle governing the ethical conduct of research involving humans in Canada.

TCPS2 (CORE) - Course on Research Ethics - (Free on-line tutorial)

If you have questions about the TCPS2 (CORE) tutorial or the CHRPP tutorial, please contact 
Kirsten Bell, Research Ethics Analyst, Office of Research Ethics ( ot
Jean Ruiz, Research Ethics Analyst, Office of Research Ethics (