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Complementary Medicine Education and Outcomes (CAMEO) Program


Please Note:  CAMEO is no longer providing individual information and decision support to patients and health care providers. Our resources and health care provider education program continue to be available (see what does CAMEO offer, below), while we wrap up our current research projects and prepare for new ones.

NEW:  CAMEO and the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre are pleased to announce five evidence-based patient monographs for natural health products commonly used by breast cancer patients. Please see the CAMEO Documents page for full details.

What is CAMEO? CAMEO is a research program that transforms complementary medicine (CAM) research into user-friendly information that can be shared with patients and health professionals. To learn more, visit our About CAMEO page.
What does
CAMEO offer?
CAMEO currently offers a range of CAM support programs and resources, all within the context of research to allow these services to be evaluated. These include: 

  • The CAM and Cancer in British Columbia information booklet (see Documents page)
  • A CAM Diary for monitoring the effectiveness of your CAM use (see Documents page)
  • A listing of CAM-related research projects patients can participate in (see Participate in Research page)

Our on-line Patient and Health Care Provider CAM and Cancer education programs are currently being prepared for launch in late winter or early spring. If you would like to be notified of when they are available, please contact us:

Who should contact CAMEO? Resources on the CAMEO website are available to anyone visiting the website, and anyone can also request to be added to CAMEO's information announcements list.

CAMEO's support for cancer health care professionals in British Columbia continues to be available.
Opportunities to learn about CAMEO results

There are two webpages to find CAMEO results: 

Presenting Results has links and information to exciting up-coming conferences where CAMEO is presenting, and peer-reviewed journal articles. 

CAMEO Documents
includes CAMEO-produced support tools, newsletters, and other documents for download.

The CAMEO Program CAMEO is jointly supported by the University of British Columbia School of Nursing and the British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA). CAMEO is located at the UBC School of Nursing.

For more about the CAMEO Program, visit the About CAMEO page.
This information is downloadable, as part of the CAMEO Program brochure:   CAMEObrochure.pdf 
NOTE: contact information has changed; the brochure will be updated shortly. Please see the contact page for the latest contact information.


Funding for the CAMEO Program provided by the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation.       

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