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Tumour Tissue Repository

The BC Cancer Agency Tumour Tissue Repository (BCCA-TTR) is a provincial resource to support translational cancer research at the BCCA, and also across Canada and internationally.

Operation. The TTR is a state of the art tumour bank that collects tissues, blood, and clinical information and processes these to create anonymous cases that can be studied by cancer researchers to understand how cancer develops, how it grows, how it spreads, and how it responds to treatment. These tissues and data are obtained from patients who undergo surgery to treat a tumour and who have generously provided their consent for the TTR to collect tissues that are unused after diagnosis has been completed.

Sites. The TTR is a provincial program that currently comprises an accrual center in the Vancouver Island Center, Victoria, and a bioinformatics center in the Vancouver Center, Vancouver. The TTR is currently working with other banks and expert translational research groups in BC, to create expanded capacity for collection and opportunities for research access to tissue resources.

Oversight. The TTR operates under the management and oversight of the director, a management board, and the UBC BCCA Research Ethics board. The TTR operates within organizational policies and a commitment to protection of donor privacy that is embodied in all standard operating procedures and aspects of the repository. The TTR is also a founding member and contributor to the development of the CTRNet which is a national association of tumour banks that promotes national policies and standards for tumour banking.

Funding. Current and previous funding support for the TTR has come from the BC Cancer Foundation, the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, AstraZeneca Canada Inc, Perceptronix, and the Western Economic Development Agency. The TTR also operates with substantial and critical logistic support from the Departments of Pathology and Surgery, Vancouver Island Health Authority.

For more information, please visit the British Columbia Cancer Tumour Tissue Repository website.

For biobank tools, templates and resources, please visit the The Biobank Resource Centre website.