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Cancer Care Survey

Did you receive a survey asking about your experience with cancer care?
Across BC, there are over 29,000 new cancer diagnoses each year. We want to make sure we are meeting the care and support needs of patients.  
For this survey, approximately 28,000 surveys will be mailed. We selected adult patients who have received outpatient care for cancer, a blood disorder, or a non-invasive tumour in any BC health care facility in the period from April to September 2019. All patients who received intravenous therapy or radiation between April and September 2019 have been invited to complete a survey; patients who received non-IV therapy were randomly sampled.  
A person may receive a survey for each location where they received care. For answers to frequently asked questions, please click the questions below:

What is the web address for me to complete the survey?
Please login with your access code. The link is different for each health authority. If your cover letter has one logo (BC Cancer) use the first link. If your cover letter also has a Health Authority logo, please use the links noted:

I received a survey. I am not on treatment.
Think about the past six months. Did you pick up a prescription or get an injection? These are "treatments." Please answer the questions about “non-intravenous” treatment. These start at question 19. Other questions will also be relevant. Skip any questions that do not apply to your situation.
I received more than one survey. Should I complete them both?
Yes, please. For example, complete the section about radiation therapy for the location where you received that care. Complete the section about chemotherapy for the location where you received that. If you are also taking pills or receiving an injection, answer those questions based on the place, for example a pharmacy, where you get that care.
Is the survey voluntary?
Yes. You do not have to complete the survey if you do not want to. We hope that all patients who receive a survey will complete the survey, regardless of whether they are happy or unhappy with their experience. 
How will you use the information I give you?
The results of the survey will be used to plan policies and services and to improve the quality of care for all patients.  Your specific responses will not be linked to your name and will not impact your ongoing care.
Can someone complete the survey on behalf of an elderly parent or someone who has passed away?
We use information from Vital Statistics to ensure that we do not send surveys to people who have passed away. A near-relative may complete the survey on someone’s behalf. Assistance can be provided to a person who needs help to fill out the online or paper survey. 
Is the survey available in different languages?
Yes, it is available in Chinese (simplified and traditional), French, German, Korean, Punjabi, Spanish and Vietnamese. Survey recipients can call 1-866-460-8126 to request a survey in any one of these languages.
Can survey recipients complete the survey online?
Yes, a website address and "password" are provided on the cover letter.
Who can answer more questions?
Please call the cancer care survey line at 1-888-977-6062.

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