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2015 Highlights

  • BC Cancer launched the second phase of the Personalized Onco-Genomics project, which sequences the DNA of individual patients to guide treatment. This project identified a life-altering treatment option for a patient with advanced cancer that dramatically reduced the cancer to barely detectable in weeks.
  • Cancer Cell published BC Cancer research that brings new hope for the treatment of high-risk childhood sarcomas – a cancer that has seen almost no treatment improvement in the last 20 years in spite of intense research efforts.
  • BC Cancer researchers were featured in Nature as part of a special issue highlighting 20 papers that are the outcome of a seven year project mapping the epigenome. A better understanding of the epigenome may assist in the design of new cancer treatments.
  • BC Cancer researchers developed a predictive test for follicular lymphoma.
  • Researchers at BC Cancer and Simon Fraser University announced a ground-breaking method to identify and separate stem cells that reside in the tonsils. Their research, published in the journal Stem Cell Reports, shed new light on the fight against oral cancer.
  • Scientists at BC Cancer and the University of British Columbia made an important advance towards understanding the cellular changes that can lead to human breast cancer, producing breast cancer from normal human breast cells using a single cancer gene.
  • A prostate cancer drug developed by researchers at BC Cancer and the University of British Columbia entered human clinical trials. The drug is designed to target and shut down metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer when other treatments have failed.
  • BC Cancer oncologist Dr. David Huntsman was named one of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Top 10 Research Impact Stories of 2015 for his research on the genetic risk of an aggressive form of stomach cancer.
  • Dr. Marco Marra, Director of the Genome Sequence Centre at BC Cancer, received the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s $50,000 Dr. Chew Wei Memorial Prize in Cancer Research, one of the most lucrative honours awarded by a Canadian university.

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