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Reduce Your Risk

If you eat healthy food AND get enough physical activity each day, this will help you to manage your weight. Talk to your doctor if this is an area where you feel you need help.

What can I do?

Have good eating habits

  • Extra body fat is caused by not using up enough energy to burn calories. 
    • Try to reduce how many extra calories you eat and drink, for example chips, cookies, muffins and fancy beverages!
    • Use the calorie information in restaurant menus to help you choose a meal with fewer calories.
  • Use Canada's food guide for information on eating a well-balanced diet and to know how many calories you should be eating.
    • Eat a variety of vegetables and fruit every day. Try some new ones, change it up!
    • Choose healthy fats (unsaturated fats and omega fatty acids).
    • Avoid sugar and processed foods ("convenience foods").
    • Choose plant-based protein options as a change such as beans, lentils, tofu etc.
    • When you are thirsty choose water instead of juice, pop and other sugar-filled drinks.
  • Choose non-fat (skim) or reduced-fat (partly skimmed) milk and dairy products.
  • Eat less red meat and choose a protein that is plant-based or vegetarian for some meals.
  • Read food labels so you know how many calories and how much sugar and fat you are eating. Check out Health Canada's website for some useful information:
  • For more in-depth information, please visit our Food Choices and Cancer Prevention pages.

Be more active physically

  • Use up more calories by being active and sitting less.
  • Aim for 30 minutes every day of moderate activity through these simple ways:
    • Take the stairs.
    • Walk instead of driving.
    • If you drive, park farther away and walk the rest of the way.
  • For more in-depth information, please visit our Physical Activity and Cancer Prevention pages.
In British Columbia, we have so many delicious food options, so it is hard not to be a foodie. Going out for dinner or a treat is an activity of its own that we enjoy with friends and loved ones.

The trick is to enjoy these tasty foods in small amounts and to mix eating with some physical activity. Next time you are headed to downtown to try some delicious food, try some of these ideas:

  • Try ordering plates to share, rather than eating a large portion on your own.
  • Pick a mixture of foods that includes vegetables and whole grains.
  • Plan for a relaxing walk around the city after your meal.
  • Avoid dessert if you have had a large meal, or at least share a treat instead of eating one on your own.
  • Have water with your meal instead of alcohol or juice.
  • BC is known for its delicious fresh greens, seafood, and wholesome options! Try a restaurant that is famous for delicious, healthy food.
More health benefits
Having a healthier body weight can also reduce your risk for:

  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
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