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Reduce Your Risk

Since HPV is a sexually transmitted virus, it is important to practice safe sex. Also, the HPV vaccine helps protect both men and women from the cancers that can be caused by HPV.

What can I do?
  • Practice safe sex:
    • Use condoms.
    • Limit the number of sexual partners you have.
  • Women should get screened for cervical cancer (with a Pap test) starting at 25 years of age.
    • Pap tests can find abnormal cells in the cervix before they become cancer.  The test is covered as part of your routine medical care (it is free) and can be done by a healthcare provider (at your family doctor's office, walk-in clinic or sexual health clinic).
    • Women age 25-69 should be screened every 3 years. Regular Pap tests find abnormal cells early when they can be removed easily.
    • This can reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer by 70 percent.
  • Get vaccinated:
    • HPV vaccines can prevent the types of HPV that are known to cause cancers of the cervix, penis, anus and head/neck.
More health benefits
By protecting yourself with a condom during sex you decrease your change chance of getting other STIs.
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