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Information Kit

This information kit is designed to help patients navigate the treatment options for breast cancer.

Included below is the Breast Cancer Companion Guide, which will direct you to the information needed at each step in the pathway.

The information kit is maintained by the BC Cancer Breast Tumour Group and the BC Cancer Library. 

Breast Cancer Companion Guide

A navigational tool which is the starting point of this kit. The guide interacts with the other resources in the kit and in the community.

Breast cancer companion guide  

Intelligent Patient Guide to Breast Cancer
6th edition, 2017. 
ISBN: 9780981159935

by Ivo Olivotto, Karen Gelmon, David McCready and Urve Kuusk.  This book can be borrowed from the BC Cancer Library . You can purchase it by contacting the publisher, ordering from local bookstores or through online booksellers such as

Intelligent patient guide to breast cancer

Nutrition Guide for Women with Breast Cancer
Diet is important because eating well can improve recovery and may help to lower the risk of breast cancer recurrence.

Nutrition guide for women with breast cancer

After Breast Cancer Treatment – What Next?
A booklet which identifies the challenges after treatment is completed. 

After breast cancer treatment What Next?

My Partner has Breast Cancer: How can I help? : a Parallel Journey
A booklet for partners and/or support persons. 

My Partner has breast cancer

Exercises after Breast Surgery : a guide for women. This Canadian Cancer Society booklet provides a series of exercises for women to do after breast cancer surgery.  Available in English, French and Chinese.

Exercises after breast surgery 

Revised January 2018

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