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Breast Cancer

Guidelines in this section: 

Reviewed March 2016

The Department of Pathology has consolidated its request forms onto a single sheet. The consolidated request form replaces the following individual request forms:

  1. Request for Special Stains
  2. Request for Breast Pathology Review (other than node negative)
  3. Request for Retrospective Her2neu Testing

The request form for pathology reviews of node-negative invasive breast cancer will remain separate.

Please use the consolidated form for all other pathology requests and ensure that it is filled in as completely as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Lily Yuen at (604) 877-6000 (ext 2073).

The following forms are in pdf file format:

Request for pathology form

Updated March 2016

These resources are available from BC Cancer.

There is patient level information on breast cancer. BC Cancer produces a wide variety of pamphlets and brochures about breast cancer and its treatment, including nutrition information. The online Information Kit has a number of resources and navigational tools. There is a printable document about the Information Kit that can be handed out to patients.

For more information about breast cancer screening, visit the Screening BC website.

Patient and Family Counselling Services offer support programs and services to patients and their families.  

The BC Cancer Library is a valuable resource for patients, family and friends. Librarians can help you find answers to your questions. There are books, video and audio materials and pamphlets available for loan. Pathfinders are another valuable resource produced by the Library.

BC Cancer Recommended Websites

Cancer Websites - these cancer websites are among the best in the world.
Breast Cancer Websites
Screening and diagnosis websites 
Screening Mammography Program of BC
Genetics and Hereditary Cancer
Hair Loss (Alopecia)
Fertility and Sexuality
Self-image / Personal Appearance
Breast reconstruction:

Updated 4 March 2016

Dr. Stephen Chia, Medical Oncology, VC 
Dr. Medhat  Abd-El-Malek  Radiation Oncology  AC
Ms. Suzanne  Anthonsen  Physiotherapy  VC
Dr. Terry  Bainbridge  Pathology  VC
Ms. Noelle  Baird  Clinical Trials  VC
Dr. Robert  Baird  Vancouver
Dr. Chris  Baliski  Surgical Oncology  St.Paul's Hospital
Dr. Susan  Balkwill  Radiation Oncology  FVC
Ms.  Alanah  Bergman  Clinical Physics  VC
Dr. Vanessa  Bernstein  Medical Oncology  VIC
Dr. Tanya  Berrang  On Maternity Leave  VIC
Dr. Norman  Blair     New Westminster
Dr. Marilyn  Borugian  Research  BCCRC
Dr. David  Bowman  Medical Oncology  Nanaimo
Dr. Sam  Bugis  Surgical Oncology  St. Paul's Hospital
Dr.  Bill  Caskey  Clinical Associate  CSI
Dr. Kathy  Ceballos  Pathology  VC
Dr. Rona  Cheifetz  Surgery  Vancouver
Dr. Stephen  Chia  Medical Oncology  VC
Dr.  Andy  Coldman  Population & Preventive
Oncology  BC Cancer
Dr. Chris  Coppin  Medical Oncology  FVC
Dr. Barb  Czerkawski  Medical Oncology  CSI
Ms. Susan  D'Aloisio  Clinical Trials  VC
Dr. Noelle  Davis  Surgical Oncology  VC
Dr. Carol  Dingee  Surgery  Vancouver
Mr. Richard  Doll  Pt. & Fam. Counselling  BC Cancer
Dr. Peter  Doris  Surrey
Dr. Cheryl  Duzenli  Clinical Physics  VC
Dr. Rinze  Dykstra  White Rock
Dr. Susan  Ellard  Medical Oncology  CSI
Dr. Dave Fenton Medical Oncology  VIC
Dr. Karen  Gelmon  Medical Oncology  VC
Dr. Dennis  Grant  Pathology  Surrey Memorial Hospital
Dr. Anagha  Gurjal  Medical Oncology  FVC
Dr. Ed  Hardy  Medical Oncology  CSI
Dr. Dorothy  Harrison  Diagnostic Imaging  VC
Dr. Patricia  Hassell  Diagnostic Imaging  VC
Dr. Malcolm  Hayes  Pathology  VC
Dr. Greg  Hislop  Epidemiology  BCCRC
Dr. Shirley  Howdle  Medical Oncology  VC
Dr. Maria  Hugi     Vancouver
Dr. David  Huntsman  Lab Medicine  VC
Dr. Rhonda  Janzen  General Surgery  Surrey
Ms. Debbie  Jepson  Nursing  VC
Dr.  Sam  Kader  Radiation Oncology  VIC
Ms.  Fatimah  Kassam  Radiation Therapy  FVC
Dr.  Hagen  Kennecke  Medical Oncology  VC
Dr.  Mira  Keyes  Radiation Oncology  VC
Dr.  Charmaine  Kim-Sing  Radiation Oncology  VC
Dr.  Meg  Knowling  Medical Oncology  VC
Ms.  Sarah  Kristensen  Radiation Therapy  FVC
Dr. Doran Ksienski Medical Oncology  VIC
Dr. Kimberley  Kuik  Pharmacist  CSI
Dr. Urve  Kuusk  Surgery  Vancouver
Dr. Winkle  Kwan  Radiation Oncology  FVC
Ms. Sheila  Lamb  Clinical Nurse Specialist  VGH - UBC Site
Dr. Janessa  Laskin  Medical Oncology  VC
Dr. Chris  Lee  Medical Oncology  FVC
Ms. Sandra  Lee  Health Info Services  VIC
Dr. Carson  Leong  Radiation Oncology  FVC
Dr. Valia  Lestou  Medical Physics  CSI
Dr. Peter  Lim  Radiation Oncology  VC
Dr. Victor  Ling  Cancer Genetics  BCCRC
Dr. Caroline  Lohrisch  Medical Oncology  VC
Ms. Emily  Lok  PIM  VC
Ms. Janice  Loomer Margolis  BC Cancer Foundation
Dr. Mike  MacLeod  Kelowna
Dr. Nicol  MacPherson  Medical Oncology  VIC
Dr. Al  Mansour  Medical Oncology  VIC
Dr. JP McGhie Medical Oncology  VIC
Dr. Deepu  Mirchandani  Medical Oncology  CSI, Penticton
Dr. Lee Ann  Martin  Medical Oncology  FVC
Dr. Saira  Mithani  Pharmacy  VC
Dr. Islam  Mohamed  Radiation Oncology  CSI
Dr. Greg  McGregor  Surgical Oncology  VC
Ms. Kathy  Ng  Patient Info Mngmt  VC
Dr. Alan  Nichol  Radiation Oncology  VC
Dr. Conrad  Oja  Medical Oncology  FVC
Dr. Gary  Pansegrau  Medical Oncology  FVC
Dr. Ormond  Panton  Delta
Ms. Cathy  Parker  Breast Hlth. Center  Victoria Gen. Hosp.
Dr. Christina  Parsons  Radiation Oncology  VC
Dr. Zia Poonja Medical Oncology  VIC
Dr. Melanie  Reed  Radiation Oncology  CSI
Ms. Brenda  Ross  Radiation Therapy  FVC
Ms. Debra  Rusch  Administration  VC
Ms. Maureen  Sands  ACU  VC
Dr. Ravinder  Sawhney  Medical Oncology  FVC
Dr. Tamara  Shenkier  Medical Oncology  VC
Ms. Bal Sidhu  HRA  FVC
Ms. Wendy  Sim  Clinical Trials Unit 
Dr. Sally Smith Radiation Onocology  VIC
Ms. Caroline  Speers  Breast Ca. Outcomes Unit  VC
Dr. Moira Stilwell Breast Assessment Unit B.C. Women's Hosp.
Ms. Helen Sundberg Nursing FVC
Dr. Marianne  Taylor  Medical Oncology  CSI
Dr. John  Todd  Surrey
Dr. Pauline  Truong  Radiation Oncology  VIC
Dr. Laurence  Turner     New Westminster
Dr. Scott  Tyldesley  Radiation Oncology  VC
Dr. Dorothy  Uhlman  Medical Oncology  AC
Ms. Cheri  Van Patten  Nutrition  VC
Dr. Isabelle Vallieres Radiation Oncology  VIC
Dr. Joanna Vergidis Radiation Oncology  VIC
Dr. David  Voduc  Radiation Oncology  AC
Dr. Elaine  Wai  Radiation Oncology  VIC
Dr. Linda  Warren  Diagnostic Radiology  Vancouver
Dr. Lorna  Weir  Radiation Oncology  VC
Dr. Christine  Wilson  Diagnostic Radiology  VC
Dr. Jane  Wilson  Radiation Oncology  CSI
Dr. Frances  Wong  Radiation Oncology  FVC
Dr. John  Yun  Richmond

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