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The Surgical Oncology Network is made up of four Committees:  
Chair, SON 
Dr. Chris Baliski 
E: (250-712-3994)

Chair, SON Clinical Practice Committee 
Dr. Noelle Davis 
E: (604-875-5880)

Chair, SON CPD-KT Committee 
Dr. Elaine McKevitt 
E: (604-739-5612)

Chair, SON ROE Committee 
Dr. Carl Brown 
E: (604-806-8711)

Chair, UBC Department of Surgery 
Dr. Gary Redekop 
E: (604-875-4136)

UBC Department of Surgery Designate 
Dr. John Yee 
E: (604-875-5388)

Fraser Health Authority Surgeon Rep 
Dr. James Bond 
E: (604-588-5634)

Interior Health Authority Surgeon Rep 
Dr. Chris Baliski 
E: (250-712-3994)

Northern Health Authority Surgeon Co-Rep 
Dr. Nadine Caron 
E: (250-564-5324)

Northern Health Authority Surgeon Co-Rep 
Dr. Michelle Sutter 
E: (250-562-2634)

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Surgeon Rep 
Dr. Sam Wiseman 
E: (604-806-9108)

Vancouver Island Health Authority Surgeon Rep 
Dr. William Orrom 
E: (250-592-4313)

PHSA - Director, Strategic Program Development 
Ms. Stephanie Sainas 
E: (250-519-5643)


Executive Finance Committee  

Sets the financial plan for the Network's annual activity plan in accordance with the Network's annual operating budget. 

Executive Finance Committee

Terms of Reference


The Executive Finance Committee was formed March 2007 and is a sub-committee of the SON Council Executive. It is comprised of the Chair of the SON and three Vice-Chairs, who are also the Chairs of the SON's three committees: Clinical Practice, Continuing Professional Development & Knowledge Transfer, and Research and Outcomes Evaluation. The financial planning of SON activities within the annual operating budget is under the direction of the Executive Finance Committee. Funds will be allocated to the three Committees based on the planned activities for the year. The Executive Finance Committee is also responsible for setting the SON's remuneration policy.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Balance SON budget and approve allocation of funds to Committee activities.
  • Approve expenditures for Clinical Practice, Continuing Professional Development & Knowledge Transfer, and Research & Outcomes Evaluation Committees and Surgical Tumour Groups.
  • Conduct annual review of SON remuneration policy and revise as needed.


SON Chair - Dr. Chris Baliski 


  • Chair, Clinical Practice Committee - 

    Dr. Noelle Davis

  • Chair, Continuing Professional Development & Knowledge Transfer Committee - Dr. Elaine McKevitt

  • Chair, Research and Outcomes Evaluation Committee - Dr. Carl Brown


Clinical Practice Committee  

Develops and promotes surgical quality improvement endeavours, practice guidelines and standards in surgical oncology for the province. 

To develop and promote surgical quality improvement endeavours, practice guidelines and standards in surgical oncology for the province. The Clinical Practice Committee will work closely with the Research & Outcomes Evaluation Committee on developing outcomes reporting mechanisms and models.

Terms Of Reference


  • Understand and promote the ideals and goals of the Surgical Oncology Network.
  • Act as a liaison between existing clinical practice groups (i.e. clinical practice guidelines committees supported by Ministry of Health and BCMA) and Surgical Oncology Council & Network.
  • Review care maps, practice guidelines and other clinical material before distribution (i.e. ensures guidelines are in a consistent, standardized format).
  • Act as a clearinghouse for surgical oncology clinical practice guidelines in BC.
  • Review practice guidelines related to surgical oncology that have already been endorsed by other organizations (i.e. waitlist times established by CSSO).
  • Provide a “second-opinion” review of initiatives and endorse clinical practice guidelines, standards and care maps.
  • Provide input and advice into promoting clinical practice initiatives (including educational opportunities and communications strategies).
  • Review and recommend clinical standards relating to surgical oncology that are provincial in scope (especially as they relate to hospital or ambulatory practice).
  • Regularly review clinical practice documents and send back to Surgical Tumour Group for review.
  • Develop mechanisms to monitor adherence to standards and outcomes.


  1. Dr. Noelle Davis, Chair (BC Cancer & Vancouver General Hospital)
  2. Dr. Chris Baliski (Kelowna)
  3. Dr. Nadine Caron (Prince George)
  4. Dr. Jon Just (Kamloops)
  5. Dr. Vu Truong (Burnaby)

MEMBERSHIP AT LARGE - Surgical Tumour Group Chairs

  1. Dr. Chris Baliski, Chair Skin STG (Kelowna General Hospital)
  2. Dr. Samuel Bugis, Chair Endocrine STG (St. Paul Hospital)
  3. Dr. Sonia Butterworth, Chair Pediatric STG (BC Children's Hospital)
  4. Dr. Mark Heywood, Chair Gynecology STG (BC Cancer – UBC Hospital)
  5. Dr. Greg McGregor, Chair Proximal GI STG (Vancouver General Hospital)
  6. Dr. Bas Masri, Chair Sarcoma STG (UBC Hospital)
  7. Dr. Alan So, Chair Urology STG (Vancouver General Hospital)
  8. Dr. Charles Scudamore, Chair Hepatobiliary STG (Vancouver General Hospital)
  9. Dr. Manoj Raval, Chair Colorectal STG (St. Paul Hospital)
  10. Dr. John Yee, Chair Esophageal/Lung STG (Vancouver General Hospital)
  11. Dr. Brian Toyota - Chair Brain STG (Vancouver General Hospital)
  12. Dr. Donald Anderson - Chair Head& Neck STG (Coquitlam)

Current Activities

Peer-reviewed best practice surgical guidelines are being developed, which will be directly linked to the BC Cancer Cancer Management Guidelines. They will be based on outcome measurement, multidisciplinary assessment, critical mass (skill/volume), technology and infrastructure. Care processes reflecting the most appropriate treatment plans will result.

Provincial Breast Cancer Guideline

We are delighted to announce the completion of the first provincial guideline for "Lymphatic Mapping and Sentinel Node Biopsy for Breast Cancer". This guideline has been created by Dr. Allen Hayashi and members of the Breast Cancer Surgical Tumour Group. The guideline provides technical information about how to perform sentinel lymph node mapping. A second guideline, providing information on whether or not sentinel lymph node mapping should be done as a stand-alone procedure, is currently being created.



Continuing Practice and Knowledge Transfer Committee 

Develops and implements professional development opportunities that will lead to improved surgical oncology practice and increased knowledge in the field of surgical oncology, as well as improve communication between the Council and the surgeons of BC.

(Terms of Reference)


To provide professional development opportunities to surgeons across BC, in a variety of formats, and to enhance communication between the Council and the surgeons of BC. Committee members will provide guidance in developing and implementing a professional development program that will lead to improved surgical oncology practice and increased knowledge in the field of surgical oncology, as well as improve communication between the Council, its members and the surgeons of BC.


Dr. Elaine McKevitt - Chair, Executive Editor, Newsletter
Dr. Jason Francoeur
Dr. Nathan Schneidereit 

Key objectives of the CPD-KT Committee:

  • Understand and promote the ideals and goals of the Surgical Oncology Network.
  • Assess professional development needs of members and incorporate needs assessment into the development of educational programs and communication tools.
  • Provide professional development opportunities in a variety of clinical speciality areas, in a variety of formats (courses, seminars, distance education), throughout BC annually.
  • Provide outcome measurements to demonstrate impact of its professional development programs and assess effectiveness of communication tools and strategies.
  • Provide educational opportunities with Maintenance of Certification accreditation. 
  • Provide professional development sessions linked with professional associations such as the BC Surgical Society. 
  • Identify education and communication resources already in existence. 
  • Promote study and research in the area of surgical CPD-KT. 
  • Publish a newsletter with information on the Surgical Oncology Council & Network including administrative, clinical, educational and research updates (2-3 issues annually). 
  • Support Surgical Oncology Council Standing Committees in their communication with members. 
  • Maintain and update a Surgical Oncology Network website. 
  • Promote the use of electronic resources to facilitate communication (i.e. videoconferencing, Extranet technology). 

Past Educational Events

SON Fall Update 2017

Colorectal Cancer

October 14, 2017

Four Seasons Hotel

Vancouver, BC

SON Fall Update 2016

Management of Liver, Pancreas, Melanoma and Breast Cancers

October 22, 2016

Four Seasons Hotel

Vancouver, BC

SON Fall Update 2015

Upper and Lower GI Tract Cancers

November 7, 2015

Four Seasons Hotel

Vancouver, BC

Past Events
SON Fall Update 2014
Breast Cancer: Current Controversies
October 18, 2014
Four Seasons Hotel
Vancouver, BC


SON Fall Update 2013
Endocrine Cancers
November 2, 2013
Four Seasons Hotel
Vancouver, BC

Event Presentations

SON Fall Update 2012
Malignancies of the Lower GI Tract
October 20, 2012
Four Seasons Hotel
Vancouver, BC 

Event Presentations

SON Fall Update 2011
From Uncommon to Common 
October 22, 2011
Vancouver, BC
Four Seasons Hotel

Event Presentations

SON Fall Update 2010
Upper GI and Hepatobiliary Cancers 
October 23, 2010
Vancouver, BC
Four Seasons Hotel

Event presentation 

SON Fall Update 2009
Breast Cancer Update:
October 24, 2009
Vancouver, BC
Four Seasons Hotel

Event presentations

SON Fall update 2008
Rectal Cancer Update:
The Last 5cm Distal TME and Beyond
Saturday October 24, 25, 2008
Vancouver, BC
St. Paul's Hospital

Event Presentations

SON Fall Update 2007
Endocrine Surgical Oncology 
Saturday October 27, 2007
Vancouver, BC
Fairmont Waterfront Hotel

Event Presentations

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
The Surgical Oncology Network hosted a one day conference on Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Vancouver, BC on November 24th, 2006 at the Plaza 500 Hotel.

Event Presentations 

Surgical Problems in Proximal GI Cancer Management
The SON hosted a one day conference on Proximal GI Cancers on December 3rd, 2005.

Pre and Post Test Results

Copies of the presentations are available here

Current Management of Head and Neck Masses
Sessions have been held in Vancouver on December 10th, Kelowna, on Friday 21st January 2005, in Surrey on Aril 29th, 2005, in Prince George on September 30th and in Victoria on January 27th, 2006 

The 2004 BC Cancer Annual Conference took place on November 25th-27th at the Westin-Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver. Presentations and pre and post test results are available on the conference page.

Breast Cancer Symposium in Victoria, 24th April, 2004

Annual Surgical Oncology Council Meeting in Vancouver, 6th February 2004. Results from the Breast Cancer Symposium 2004


Internet Course for Surgeons
A course provided in conjunction with the College of Physicians & Surgeons is nearing completion and will be available on the SON website. It will take you through all steps of an internet search to answer clinical questions. When available, there will be a direct link from this page.

Certification Program
One of the core features of the Council & Network is a strong educational focus. A continuing education/maintenance of certification program has been developed to provide learning opportunities for all surgeons in BC who provide oncologic care. Various formats are offered.

Education Needs Assessment
In early December, 2001, the B.C. Surgical Oncology Council and Network distributed an Education, Communications and Research Needs Assessment Questionnaire to the surgeons in the province of BC.

The short form was sent to all surgeons and additional material requesting areas of educational need, was sent to seven key specialties. Copies can be viewed below.

Assessment Survey Results

Terms of Reference


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If you have questions about the CME Committee please email


Research and Outcomes Evaluation Committee

Supports research and evaluation activities of the Surgical Oncology Network by providing guidance and assistance to Network surgeons with research projects, feasibility studies and measurement of practice improvement.

(Terms of Reference)

What can the ROE committee do for you?

The skills of the members of the ROE Committee and the SON staff enable us to help and advise you on:

  • Study design/research outline
  • Statistical methodology
  • Extract data from existing databases within BC Cancer
  • Data collection
  • Database design
  • Database creation
  • Data integration
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data reporting

If you are interested in submitting a research proposal, please refer to the Project Proposal Guidelines.

Research and Outcomes Evaluation Committee Members

  • Dr. Carl Brown (Chair)
  • Colleen McGahan (Coordinator)
  • Dr. Nadine Caron
  • Dr. Chris Baliski
  • Dr. Noelle Davis
  • David Gavin
  • Dr. Janice Kwon
  • Paul Mak
  • Dr. Sam Wiseman

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