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Research Involvement

BC Cancer – Kelowna offers many opportunities for our staff, patients, and communities to participate in research.

Research projects support BC Cancer's goals of preventing and treating cancer, supporting patients through and after treatment, and finding better and more effective methods. Staff are involved in planning, delivering, and publishing the results of research. Patients may be involved with research projects which match their eligibility, and contribute to future improvements in cancer care. Communities support research projects through donations to the BC Cancer Foundation, and through raising awareness.

BC Cancer Foundation

The BC Cancer Foundation (BCCF) raises funds to support research and enhancements to care at BC Cancer and maintains offices at each of the BC Cancer centres. Below are some research initiatives at BC Cancer – Kelowna funded through BC Cancer Foundation.

Clinical Trials are research studies to examine or compare the effects of treatments on humans. The website has more information about clinical trials at BC Cancer – Kelowna, and about Clinical Trials Research in BC Cancer. If you have participated in clinical trials in BC, you may be invited to take a Clinical Trials Survey about your experiences, to help improve the experience of future research subjects.

The PREDICT project is another study open to many new patients at BC Cancer – Kelowna. Patients can voluntarily provide information now, which will be used in future research projects.

Research Initiatives
In addition to these, other studies every year explore prevention, treatment, and survivorship issues. Learn more below.

Your experiences and views are important and during your visits to BC Cancer – Kelowna you may be asked to take part in one of our research studies. This request can raise many questions, so before you make your decision, feel free to discuss your concerns with any member of your care team. Partaking in a research project is entirely voluntary, and there will be no pressure or expectation put on you to participate.

Our professionals study new or improved cancer treatments, as well as ways to prevent and detect cancer. We are also interested in exploring the perceptions and experiences of our patients. These studies, called clinical trials, are an important part of our activity. Through these studies we hope to continuously learn how to provide better services for all patients in British Columbia.

Find out more about BC Cancer clinical trials, including currently open trials. If you have participated with clinical trials at BC Cancer – Kelowna, you may be invited to complete a clinical trials survey of your experiences. 



PREDICT (Personal Response Determinants In Cancer Therapy) is a BC Cancer research initiative that involves the collection of patient information and blood samples to form a bio-bank. A bio-bank is like a library but contains blood samples and other patient data instead of books. Researchers can apply to PREDICT to use patient data to investigate individual factors that contribute to cancer and responses to cancer therapies.


PREDICT began in 2006 at BC Cancer – Victoria, and in 2013 has expanded to BC Cancer – Kelowna. Currently, Victoria has over 7,500 bio-specimens in the bio-bank for researchers to access. With PREDICT expanding to BC Cancer – Kelowna and possibly other BC centres in the future, PREDICT is well on its way of reaching the long term goal of collecting 20,000 samples for worldwide research.

PREDICT BCCA-SAHCSI aims to add a tumour tissue repository to the bio-bank in the next year.


Can I Participate?

To be eligible for PREDICT-SAHCSI, a patient must:


  • Be a patient at BC Cancer – Kelowna,
  • Have a new, confirmed cancer diagnosis,
  • Have had no chemotherapy or radiation treatment in the last 6 months,
  • Be 19 years or older, and
  • Be able to give informed consent

What Would I Be Consenting To?

To participate, you will be asked to:


  • Provide a small (one time) blood sample to be stored in the PREDICT bio-bank.This sample may be taken at the same time as other blood work your doctor has ordered.
  • Give permission to be contacted about future research projects you may be eligible for.
  • Give PREDICT permission to extract a few details from your medical record (i.e. diagnosis, age, gender)

How Do I Get Involved?

Your oncologist or the PREDICT Research Intern may offer you an opportunity to participate in PREDICT at one of your appointments (often the first appointment)
If interested in participating, speak with your oncologist, a nurse, or the PREDICT Research Intern
If you have questions, please call the Research Intern at 250-712-3966 ext 68-6711

Where Do I Donate My Blood For PREDICT?

Currently, blood draws MUST be taken at the Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) Laboratory 
Hours: Monday-Friday between 9:30am-1:30pm
Where is the KGH Laboratory?  See the KGH location map


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I decide that I am not interested in participating in PREDICT?

Participation is PREDICT is strictly voluntary. Regardless of if you decide to participate or not, your care will not be impacted in any way.

How is my confidentiality protected?

  • Blood samples are given a unique identification number so your identity cannot be traced by the researcher unless approval from the donor is given or from a research ethics board.
  • The computer is stored within a secure location. The database is password protected and is only accessible to PREDICT staff.
  • The signed consent form is stored on your BC Cancer chart.
What if I consent and change my mind?
Consent can be withdrawn at any time. To withdraw, simply contact the PREDICT Research Intern who will arrange for your blood sample to be destroyed and your name erased from the database. Your care will not be affected.

I'm not eligible. What can I do to help out PREDICT?

PREDICT is proudly supported and 100% funded by community donations through the BC Cancer Foundation. Without community donors and the support of BC Cancer Foundation, PREDICT-SAHCSI would not have been possible.

If you wish to make a donation to PREDICT-SAHCSI, contact the BC Cancer Foundation at:
(250) 712-3921 or toll free at 1-866-230-9988

Or visit for more details

Handouts for printing

PREDICT Informational Poster
PREDICT Informational Rack Card

Principal investigators

Dr. Peter Watson
BC Cancer, Vancouver Island Centre

Dr. Ivo Olivotto
BC Cancer, Vancouver Island Centre

For more information

Contact the PREDICT Research Intern at 250-712-3966 ext 68-6711 or toll free at 1-888-563-7773 (Victoria centre)

Visit the Victoria PREDICT website, or

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