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Chemotherapy Protocols

This page updated: 4 March 2015

A new BCCA website will be coming soon. You will need Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (IE, version 8 or higher) to view it. BC's health authorities offer Google Chrome or have IE 8 in place - you can check with your Service Desk to be sure. If you are not sure what your browser version is, visit For more information about the new website, go to

Systemic Therapy Treatment Protocol Summaries

The staff of the BC Cancer Agency Systemic Therapy Program have placed summaries of specific treatment protocols on the website.

The protocol summaries are those in current use by the Systemic Therapy Program staff at all regional cancer centres. Both the format and content of the summaries will change as they are reviewed and revised on a periodic basis. The date of last revision will be visible at the end of the protocol summary.

Any physician using the protocol summaries to provide treatment for patients will be solely responsible for verifying the doses, providing the prescriptions and administering the medications described in the summaries according to acceptable standards of care. Use of this site and any information on it is at your own risk, and is subject to our Terms of Use. British Columbia health professionals can contact the BC Cancer Agency (Tel: 604 877-6000 local 672247) for additional information on treatment protocols on this website.

Mario de Lemos, Pharm.D., M.Sc. (Oncol)
Protocols Coordinator
Provincial Drug Information Coordinator, Provincial Pharmacy Systemic Therapy Program

The BC Cancer Agency Compassionate Access Program (CAP) (previously known as the Undesignated Drug Request Process) is now a secure online web-based system (designed to replace the current paper-based system) through which physicians across the province can submit requests, check the status of their requests, and receive notification via email about the outcome.

Tumour Group designates, as well as the Program Designate, can enter their information online. Dispensing hospital pharmacies across the province will also be able to view all requests online.

This system is maintained and updated by the CAP Office who can be contacted at 604.877.6000 x 676277 or More details on the application and review process can be found in the Systemic Therapy Policy III-45.

The Communities Oncology Network Referral process (CONRef) is now a secure online web-based system designed to replace the current paper based system. Through this system BCCA physicians will submit requests for transfer of care for chemotherapy treatments and medical care to one of the Communities Oncology Network (CON) sites. CONRef allows for electronic transfer of patient information, referral details, relevant protocol and preprinted order from the BCCA physician to the CON site.

Referrals can be made by a BCCA physician to all Health Authority CON sites. For sites that do not have CAIS access, the requestor will identify the required patient specific documents which need to be attached to the referral (e.g. consultation notes, pathology, imaging, etc.) For referrals to CON sites with CAIS access there would be no need to attach any documents but the CON site will receive a referral notification with patient demographics, a clinical summary, and a suggested treatment course. The designated staff at that particular CON site receives an email notification of the referral. They then log into the web-based site and obtain all referral information and print off the necessary attachments or look up patient information on CAIS. Referring physicians will receive an email notification once the referral has been received by the CON site.

To log into the CONRef system, please follow the link at For questions or feedback, please email