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Program Members

The British Columbia Oral Cancer Prevention Program is focused on a common vision of the prevention of oral cancer through the development of a Province-wide strategy for BC.

Led by Dr. Miriam Rosin, the British Columbia Oral Cancer Prevention Program is a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians and scientists with a broad range of skills, experience and expertise.

  • Director: Miriam Rosin
  • Oral Medicine Leader: Michele Williams
  • Chief Pathologist: Lewei Zhang
  • Outreach Program Leader: Catherine Poh
  • Physicist, Head of Cancer Imaging Department: Calum MacAulay


(External advisors are listed alphabetically by last name)

  • Gotay, Carolyn (Social Psychologist)
  • Lippman, Scott (MD Anderson Hospital, Texas)
  • O'Keefe, John (Editor-in-Chief of Journal of the Canadian Dental Association)
  • Shuler, Charles (Dean, UBC Faculty of Dentistry)
  • Sutcliffe, Simon (Oncologist)

(Participating scientists & clinicians are listed alphabetically by last name)

  • Anderson, Don (ENT Surgeon)
  • Berean, Ken (Head and Neck Pathologist)
  • Bottorff, Joan (Qualitative Health Research)
  • Coldman, Andrew (Biostatistician/Quantitative Epidemiology)
  • Corbett, Kitty (Medical Anthropologist)
  • Durham, Scott (ENT Surgeon)
  • Elwood, Mark (Epidemiologist)
  • Gallagher, Richard (Leader of Cancer Control Research)
  • Gardner, Pam (Oral Oncologist)
  • Gotay, Carolyn (Social Psychologist)
  • Guillaud, Martial (Biomedical Engineer/Quantitative Pathology)
  • Hay, John (Head and Neck Radiation Oncologist)
  • Hislop, Gregory (Epidemiologist/Community Medicine)
  • Jung, Lina (Consultant Dentist, BC Cancer Centre for the Southern Interior)
  • Lam, Wan (Cancer Geneticist)
  • Lane, Pierre (Electrical and Computer Engineer, Biomedical Optics)
  • Laronde, Denise (Registered Dental Hygienist)
  • Laskin, Janessa (Head and Neck Medical Oncologist)
  • Le, Nhu (Biostatistician)
  • Lee, Jack (Biostatistician)
  • Loeb, Peter (Oral Oncologist)
  • McBride, Mary (Epidemiologist/Survivorship)
  • Moores, Meredith (Community Dentist)
  • Ng, Samson (Oral Medicine/Oral Pathology)
  • Pada, Hilary (Consultant Dentist, BC Cancer Centre for the Southern Interior)
  • Peacock, Stuart (Health Economist)
  • Poole, Barbara (Health Services Policy & Research Analyst)
  • Shupe, Ron (Consultant Dentist, BC Cancer Centre for the Southern Interior)
  • Sutcliffe, Simon (Former President and CEO of BC Cancer)
  • Zed, Chris (Associate Dean, Strategic and External Affairs, UBS Faculty of Dentistry; Head, VGH Oral Health Centre)

(Administrative & research assistants are listed alphabetically by last name)

  • Chiu, Helen (Project Coordinator)
  • Fang, Anita (Research Project Coordinator)
  • Giles, Kara (Research Assistant)
  • Jiang, Huijun (Lead Clinical Risk Analyst)
  • Kami, Alisa (Clinical Coordinator)
  • Lee, Lorna (Administrative Assistant)
  • Morgan, Emily (Laboratory Technician)
  • Rasquinha, Nikhil (Laboratory Assistant)
  • Yoon, Stephanie (Clinical Assistant)
  • Yuan, Cindy (Laboratory Technician)
  • Zhu, Sarah (Laboratory Technician)

BC OCPP offers opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to be inspired and involved. Many of our trainees have come through the program gaining invaluable experiences, and bringing these experiences to their career in health professions and research.

Students are listed alphabetically by last name. Current (as of 2011)

  • Danjoy, Alana (SFU Undergraduate)
  • Grewal, Sukhi (Toronto - Acupuncture)
  • Hau, Keith (SFU Graduate - UBC MSc Program)
  • Heer, Manjot (UBC Undergraduate)
  • Kim, Jeff (Dentistry Applicant)
  • Park, Jay (SFU Graduate - SFU MSc Program)
  • Rasquinha, Nikhil (SFU Graduate)
  • Ryu, Jennifer (Medicine Applicant)
  • Schimdt, Laura (UBC Dentistry [Class 2015])
  • Tang, Dorothy (UBC Undergraduate)
  • Warwas, Mark (Medicine Applicant)
  • Wong, Matthew (UBC Graduate)
  • Wu, Fanny (Student)
  • Zhu, Shawn (UBC Undergraduate)
  • Zou, Anna (UBC Undergraduate)

Students are listed alphabetically by last name. Current (as of 2011)

  • Allen, Carolyn (Medicine Applicant)
  • Cheema, Kim (University of Calgary Medicine [Class 2012])
  • Chen, Esther (UBC Dentistry [Class 2014])
  • Chen, Jason (NYU Oral Surgery)
  • Chen, Joy (UBC Dentistry [Class 2014])
  • Cho, Hanjin (NYU Dentistry [Class 2013])
  • Dikareva, Stacy (U of T, MSc Program)
  • Hsu, Anderson (UBC Dentistry [Class 2013])
  • Hunter, Katherine (UBC Dentistry [Class 2012])
  • Jong, Ben (UBC Medicine [Class 2013]) 
  • Kim, Shawn (NYU Dentistry [Class 2013])
  • Kim, Tim (Naturopathic [Class 2013])
  • Ko, Kevin (UBC Dentistry [Class 2011])
  • Kung, Amy (UBC Dentistry Graduate - Community Dentist [Class 2010])
  • Lee, Hester (BCIT - Radiology)
  • Lee, Kevin (UBC Dentistry [Class 2011])
  • Lee Rayanne (Harvard Dentistry [Class 2012])
  • Liu, Sherry (Boston University Dentistry [Class 2013])
  • Mak, Lawerence (NYU Dentistry [2015])
  • Moore, Brent (UBC Dentistry Graduate - Community Dentist)
  • Park, Christine (Columbia University Dentistry [Class 2011])
  • Samim, Firoozeh (Dentist, UBC MSc Student)
  • Sekhon, Harlene (UBC Dentistry [Class 2014])
  • Shao, Sharon (UBC Dentistry [Class 2014])
  • Suen, Alex (UBC Medicine [Class 2012])
  • Tian, Tina (UBC Undergraduate)
  • Tse, Joyce (UBC Dentistry [Class 2014])
  • Thakore, Sapana (SFU Graduate - UBC Dentistry Applicant)
  • Wong, Gary (Medicine Applicant)
  • Wu, Tammy, (UBC Undergraduate)
  • Xiao, Allen (UBC Dentistry [Class 2015])
  • Yang, Roubing (UBC Medicine [Class 2014])
  • Yoon, Stephanie (UBC Nursing [Class 2012])
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