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The BC Cancer Surgery Network is committed to sharing relevant surgical oncology research, news, and events with our members through the production of our own newsletter.

Current newsletter

September 2023 newsletter (PDF)

List of topics:

  • Wait times & access to radiation therapy for rectal cancer surgery patients
  • Patient reported outcomes in breast cancer
  • Management of colorectal liver metastases
  • Transforming breast cancer care: the South Island Integrated Breast Cancer Program
  • Criteria for adjuvant therapy for stage II melanoma
  • Surgery Network Travel Award recipients
  • Surgical oncology & gynecologic oncology fellows introductions
  • Mismatch repair testing in gastrointestinal cancers: an essential insight
  • PRRT for small bowel neuroendocrine tumours
  • Spring update summary 2022/2023
  • Surgery Network news

References for issue 39, September 2023 (PDF)

Past newsletters

November 2022 newsletter (PDF)

List of topics:

  • Regional cancer surgical leads update
  • Introduction to chair - CPQA
  • Surgery Network Travel Award recipient
  • Ovarian cancer prevention with opportunistic salpingectomy
  • Fellow introductions
  • Clinical trials recruiting
  • Update on Merkel cell cancer
  • Surgery Network news

References for Issue 38, November 2022 (PDF)

November 2021 newsletter (PDF)

List of topics:

  • Introduction to regional surgical leads, committee chairs, and surgical oncology fellow
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy for melanoma in B.C.
  • Travel Award recipients
  • Multidisciplinary cancer conference for rectal cancer patients
  • Oncologic liver transplant
  • Endoscopy update: sessile serrated lesions - new names, same challenges
  • Network news - introduction to Surgery Network team

References for Issue 37, November 2021 (PDF)

September 2020 Newsletter (PDF)

List of topics:

  • Covid-19 Surgical Oncology Transfer Network on the UBC reticulum website
  • Breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma
  • Genetic testing for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients
  • Surgery Network news

March 2020 newsletter (PDF)

List of topics:

  • Development of guidelines for the surgical treatment of gastric cancer in B.C.
  • Electronic synoptic pathology reporting: How can pathologists help surgeons improve patient care?
  • Highlights from the Fall Update 2019: Management of not so rare cancers
  • Flat epithelial atypia identified on core needle biopsy does not require excision
  • BC Cancer Surgery Network news

Spring 2019 newsletter (PDF)

List of topics:

  • Highlights from the Fall Update 2018
  • Management of epithelial lacrimal gland malignancies
  • A ten-year study on duct excision and galactography
  • Age related pathological differences in differentiated thyroid cancer
  • Shared care/communication key for primary care providers
  • Surgery Network news

Fall 2018 Newsletter (PDF)

List of topics:

  • Sentinel node biopsy in women 70 years +
  • Contralateral prophylactic mastectomy
  • 2014 SSO-ASTRO invasive breast margins guidelines impact
  • Re-excision rates following breast conservation surgery
  • Surgery Network news and upcoming conferences

Spring 2018 newsletter (PDF)

List of topics:

  • New surgical oncology leader
  • Highlights from the Fall Update 2017
  • Pan-Canadian surgery standards
  • Breast cancer management
  • Network news
  • 2018 Fall Update October 13th - endocrine and head & neck

Summer 2017 newsletter (PDF)

List of topics:

  • Anterior rectal wall biopsy and vigorous APC are associated with recto-urethral fistulas after prostate
  • Position statement from the SON breast tumour group: axillary ultrasound in breast cancer

Spring 2017 Newsletter

List of topics:

  • Highlights from the 2016 Fall Update
  • Out with the wash in endometrial cancer
  • POEM: Over-reading of breast biopsy samples is common

Summer 2016 Newsletter

List of topics:

  • Highlights from the SON Fall Update 2015
  • New Heuristics for the Management of Thyroid Nodules in Children
  • Recent Articles of Interest
  • Cancer-Care Resources for Family Physicians in BC
Spring 2016 Newsletter

List of topics:

  • Breast Reconstruction: State of the Art
  • Summary of 2015 Breast Tumour Group Retreat
  • New Normal Program
  • Thyroid Cancer: A Screening Induced Epidemic in Korea?

Fall 2015 Newsletter

List of topics:

  • Cancer surgery checklists
  • Rectal cancer synoptic MRI reporting
  • New thyroid and parathyroid surgery and lateral neck dissection surgical checklists

Spring 2015 Newsletter

List of topics:

  • Highlights from the Fall Update 2014: Breast Cancer: Current Controversies
  • Breast Cancer Information Kits
  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Updated Guidelines for Surveillance Following Curatively Resected Colorectal Cancer
  • Recent Surgical Oncology Articles
  • Recent Surgical Oncology Guidelines
  • Health Care: It's all about the PROs and Cons?
  • SON News

Summer 2014 Newsletter

List of topics:

  • Highlights from the Fall Update 2013: Endocrine Surgical Oncology
  • New CPD-KT Chair (Elaine McKevitt)
  • The Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology
  • Commentary on "Current Thyroid Cancer Trends in the United States"
  • Breast Cancer Risk Reduction in High Risk Patients
  • New OrthoTumour Website
  • HIPEC Video Lecture
  • SON Resident Travel Award and SON/UBC Summer Student Research Program Recipients
  • SON News

Fall 2013 Newsletter (PDF)

List of topics:

  • Surgical Oncology Network Continuing Professional Development & Knowledge Transfer Committee
  • SON Fall Update 2012 - Malignancies of the Lower GI Tract - Review
  • What’s on the BC Cancer website
  • Management of Secondary Lymphedema Related to Breast Cancer
  • Cancer Survivorship Nurse Practitioner Accepting New Patients
  • SON Resident Travel Award and SON/UBC Summer Student Research Program Recipients
  • SON News


Winter 2013 Newsletter

  • Surgical Oncology Network Research and Outcomes Evaluation Committee
  • Colorectal Research at SON.
  • Effect of systematic education courses on rectal cancer treatments in a population.
  • Addressing the discrepancy in ovarian cancer outcomes across BC.
  • Practice Referral Patterns and Outcomes for Patients with Primary Retroperitoneal Sarcoma in BC.
  • Determination of Factors Predictive of Outcome for Patients undergoing Pancreaticoduodenectomy of Pancreatic Head Ductal Adenocarcinomas.
  • SON Research and Publications.
  • Radiation Therapy Following Breast Conserving Surgery: More, Less or Not at All.
  • Reflections of the Past - SON Resident Travel Award Recipient.
  • SON Travel Award Recipients since 2007.
  • SON News and Updates
  • Cancer Management Guidelines Utilization Survey of BC Surgeons.


Winter/Spring 2012 Newsletter

  • Operate, Radiate or Neither
  • Hereditary Cancer Program High Risk Surveillance Clinic
  • Highlights from the SON Fall Update 2011 "From Uncommon to Common"
  • Highlights from the 12th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons
  • Expediting Timely Referrals to Medical Oncology following Resection for Colon Cancer
  • Defining Surgical Oncology in BC
  • Cancer Surgery Checklists for Dictated Operative Reports
  • Surgical Oncology

Summer 2011

References for Summer 2011 Newsletter

  • Proximal GI Surgical Tumour Group
  • Improving the Hereditary Cancer Program Referral Process
  • Ovarian Cancer Prevention: Simple Salpingectomy
  • Highlights from the SON Upper GI and Hepatobiliary Cancers Fall Update 2010
  • Supporting the Chinese-Speaking Cancer Patients
  • Surgical Oncology Network News

Fall 2010

References for Fall 2010 Newsletter

  • Who Needs Chemo Before Surgery? Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy in Breast Cancer
  • Best Breast Papers pf 2009
  • Highlights from the 11th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons
  • Colonoscopy Quality Assurance
  • Summary of the 21th Annual International Colorectal Disease Symposium
  • Late Effects After Radiation Treatment for Childhood Cancers

Reference Cards:

Spring 2010

References for Spring 2010 Newsletter

  • Focus on Tumour Groups: Breast
  • Role of MRI in Breast Cancer
  • Highlights from the SON Breast Cancer Update 2009
  • Preventing Venous Thromboembolism in Surgical Oncology Patients
  • Hereditary Cancer Program: Updates for BC Surgeons
  • Surgical Oncology Network News
  • Upcoming Conferences

Summer 2009

  • Focus on Tumour Groups: Paediatric Surgical Tumour Group
  • Educational Outcomes among Childhood Survivors
  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Hereditary Cancer Program: Updates for BC Surgeons
  • Best Breast Papers of 2008
  • Immunochemical Fecal Occult Blood Tests and BC Cancer's Colon Check
  • Importance of Clinical Guidelines in Surgical Oncology
  • Improving Operative Reports in Cancer - the Synoptic Report
  • Surgical Oncology Network Breast Cancer Fall Update 2009
  • Surgical Oncology Network News

Winter 2009

  • Focus on Tumour Groups: Urology Surgical Tumour Group
  • Prostate cancer: Active Surveillance or Surgery
  • Prostate Experience at BC Cancer: Indications and Future Goals
  • Surgery for Prostate Cancer
  • 2008 SON Rectal Cancer Update: The Last 5 cm - TME and Beyond
  • Management of Appendiceal Mucoceles
  • Transanal Endoscopic Resection (TEM) for Rectal Tumour in BC
  • Hereditary Colon Cancer Testing Now Available at BC Cancer
  • Update on Synoptic Operative Reporting Project

Spring 2008

  • Focus on Tumour Groups - Sarcoma Surgical Tumour Group
  • Management of Sarcomas
  • Soft Tissue Tumours- A community surgeon's perspective
  • Managing Malignant Bowel Obstructions
  • Surgical Management of Malignant Bowel Obstruction in Patients with Advanced Ovarian Carcinoma

Winter 2008

  • Focus on Tumour Groups -Skin Surgical Tumour Groups
  • Review of article on Sentinel Node Biopsy or Nodal Observation on Melanoma
  • Article on Melanoma
  • Review, SON Fall Update, Endocrine Surgical Oncology
  • Clinical Conundrums

Spring 2007

  • Focus on Tumour Groups - Endocrine Surgical Tumour Group
  • Two New Council Members Appointed
  • Surgical Oncology Network Leadership Structure
  • Investigation and Management of the Solitary Thyroid Nodule

Winter 2007

  • Focus on Tumour Groups - Colorectal Cancer Surgical Tumour Group
  • Colorectal Cancer Treatment at St. Paul’s Hospital Canada and Beyond
  • Colorectal Surgery at St. Paul’s Hospital - Cutting Edge Surgery
  • Survey Results Guide Future Network Direction

September 2006

  • Adjuvant Treatment for Gastric and Pancreatic Carcinoma
  • Adjuvant Therapy for Resected High Risk Colon Cancer: When should I Refer to Medical Oncology
  • Postmenopausal Women at Increased risk for Breast Cancer can Participate in Clinical Trial
  • Weird and Wonderful of the GI Tract

June 2006

  • Updated Surveillance Guidelines for Patients with Stage II and III Colorectal Cancer
  • Are we performing Total Mesorectal Excision (TME) in BC?
  • Is Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Curable in 2006

Spring 2006

  • Tumour Tissue Repository Moving Forward
  • Insight into Ontario's Surgical Oncology Program
  • Identification of Clinically Occult Disease in Oral Cancer Surgery
  • American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer Presentation Highlights

Fall 2005

  • Provincial PET/CT Program in Oncology
  • Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer - What's new in BC
  • Herceptin Funded in BC - New BC Cancer Protocol
  • Research updates - Prostate Cancer

Spring 2005

  • Infrastructure Survey
  • Health Quality Initiatives in Canada and Beyond
  • National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSGIP)
  • Interview with Dr. Peter Doris

Spring 2004

  • Clinical Practice Guideline on Sentinel Lymph Node
  • Mapping for Breast Cancer
  • Dr. Allen Hayashi
  • Patient navigation
  • Review of the Surgical Oncology Network Hot Topics Session, November 2003 Breast Cancer Symposium, April 24th 2004

Fall 2003

  • BrainCare BC
  • A Randomized Trial of Surgery in the Treatment of Single Metastases to the Brain
  • Cross Canada Surgical Oncology Care
    Members' Publications and Presentations
  • Dr. Brian Toyota
  • Sharon Thomson, the Network's Advanced Practice Nurse

Summer 2003

  • Pros and Cons of Interferon alpha-2b for Sentinel Node
  • Positive Malignant Melanoma
  • Current Management of Melanoma: An Overview
  • The Provincial Thoracic Surgery Program
  • Book Review: Radioguided Surgery

Spring 2003

  • Sarcomas of the Groin and Inguinal Canal
  • Surgical Oncology Network and Council - key players, roles & opportunities
  • Rectal Cancer Workshops - highlights and outcomes
  • Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control - implementation upcoming

Fall 2002

  • Rectal Cancer Update
  • Barbara Poole - New Process Leader
  • Research & Outcomes Evaluation

June 2002

  • Continuing Medical Educational Needs Defined
  • Tina Strack - Manager for the Council and Network
  • Rectal Cancer - patterns of practice
  • Research & Outcomes Progress Report
  • BC Cancer Extranet Update

December 2001
  • The Council and Network - established and underway
  • Standing Committees Linking Four Main Functions of the Council and Network
  • Murray Mackinnon - Council & Network's Statistician
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