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Cancer Management Manual

As part of its responsibility to establish a coordinated, province-wide program of cancer control for residents of British Columbia, BC Cancer has prepared this cancer management manual.

 This manual is based on the accumulated experiences of BC Cancer together with best-practice evidence derived from major cancer centres throughout the world.

The recommendations have been developed by provincial tumour groups comprised of oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, oncology nurses, pharmacists and practitioners from health disciplines contributing to specialized oncology care at BC Cancer and the University of British Columbia.

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Terms of use

This manual is a statement of consensus of BC Cancer professionals regarding their views of currently accepted approaches to treatment. 

Any clinician seeking to apply or consult the manual is expected to use independent medical judgment in the context of individual clinical circumstances to determine any patient's care or treatment. Use of this site and any information on it is at your own risk, and is subject to our Terms of Use.

Website Publishing Standards 

(Approved by Tumour Group Council January 2023)

Content posted on BC Cancer Website has come from multiple sources/places in the past and many of these sources are not referenced and those responsible for content not listed. 

As of January 2023, the following minimum standards will guide all updates to the Cancer Management Manual (CMM) and any additional work published by the Tumour Groups. 

  1. Author(s):  Author name and those responsible for updates 
  2. Audience:  Intended audience (E.G. everyone, patients, HCP, pharmacy)
  3. Date:  Posting date and anticipated review dates 
  4. Funding support:  Details on funding sources used to develop content including Conflicts of Interests for listed authors
  5. References:  References used to develop the content MUST be included.  If based on consensus, reference the meeting/process. 

All additions and revisions to Cancer Management Manual content or Tumour Group (TG) related documentation must be

  1. Presented and circulated to the impacted TG and all revisions must be addressed
  2. If only one TG is impacted, approval from the TG Committee Chair is communicated to the TG Coordinator
  3. If multiple TGs are impacted, presentation at Tumour Group Council is required.  Final approval will be communicated by the TG Council Chair to the TG Coordinator. 
  4. TG Coordinator will post following approvals are received.  
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