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Clinical Pharmacy Guide Case Studies

Click on the + in the menu on the right to reveal the case studies listed below.  Use the cases to test your understanding of the clinical review process for chemotherapy orders that is outlined in the Clinical Pharmacy Guide.

Answers and rationale are based on BC Cancer protocols and directives that were in effect at the time these cases were developed. Because information on the BC Cancer website is constantly being revised, it is possible that a change in a protocol or procedure may result in a change to the correct answer before the necessary revision to the Guide can be made. If you notice any such change, please contact Mandeep K. Bains.

If you wish to have further clarification of the rationale for a correct answer, please contact your Community Oncology Network Educator.

Please note that, at this time, it is not possible to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for successful completion of the case studies.

  • Case Study 1 (LUSCPE)
  • Case Study 2 (GIPGEM)
  • Case Study 3 (LYCHOPR)
  • Case Study 4 (GOOVCATX)
  • Case Study 5 (LYCHOPR)
  • Case Study 6 (LYHDMRTEM)
  • Case Study 7 (GIAVCAP)
  • Case Study 8 (LUMMPG)
  • Case Study 9 (SMAVIPI)
  • Case Study 10 (LUAVAFAT)
  • Case Study 11 (BRAVPALAI)
  • Case Study 12 (HNLAPRT)

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