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Skin Cancer

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Updated May 2008

Fluorouracil topical cream
Other names: 5-fluorouracil, 5FU, Efudex® 

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Revised February 11, 2016


Dr. Graeme Duncan, BC Cancer, Vancouver Centre 


Dr. Don Anderson, Surgical Oncology, VC
Dr. Gaurav Bahl, Radiation Oncology, AC
Dr. Chris Baliski, Surgical Oncology, FVC
Dr. Nigel Ball, Dermatology Pathology, VGH
Dr. Vanessa Bernstein, Medical Oncology, VIC
Dr. Andrzej Buczkowski, Surgical Oncology, VC
Dr. Angela Chan, Medical Oncology, FVC
Ms. Lin Chen, Systemic Therapy, VC
Dr. Winson Cheung, Medical Oncology, VC
Dr. Noelle Davis, Surgical Oncology, VC
Dr. Arko Demianczuk, Surgical Oncology, VC
Dr. Henry Docherty, Medical Oncology, FVC
Dr. Greg Dueck, Medical Oncology, FVC
Dr. Graeme Duncan, Radiation Oncology, VC
Dr. Scott Durham, ENT Clinic, VGH
Dr. Jan Dutz, Dermatological Oncology, VC
Dr. Christian Fibich, Medical Oncology, CN
Dr. Farin Foroodi, Medical Oncology, FVC
Dr. Paul Galbraith, Medical Oncology, AC
Dr. Dennis Grant, Pathology, SMH
Dr. Anagha Gurjal, Medical Oncology, AC
Dr. Trevor Hamilton, Surgical Oncology, VC
Dr. Vincent Ho, Dermatological Oncology, VC
Dr. Michael Humphreys, Medical Oncology, BC Cancer – Kelowna/Vernon
Dr. Paris Ingledew, Radiation Oncology, FVC
Dr. Mile Jovanovic, Dermatological Oncology, VC
Dr. Hosam Kader, Radiation Oncology, VIC
Dr. Sunil Kalia, Dermatology, VC
Dr. Bruce Keith, Medical Oncology, AC
Dr. Charmaine Kim-Sing, Radiation Oncology, VC
Dr. Richard Klasa, Medical Oncology, VC
Dr. Doran Ksienski, Medical Oncology, VIC
Dr. Stephan Larsson, Radiation Oncology, VIC
Dr. Christopher Lee, Medical Oncology, VC
Dr. Tim Lee, Cancer Control Research, BCCRC
Dr. Jan Lim, Radiation Oncology, VIC
Dr. Harvey Lui, Dermatology, VC
Dr. Andrea MacNeill, Surgical Oncology, VC
Dr. Magdalena Martinka, Dermatology Pathology, VGH
Dr. Yarrow McConnell, Surgical Oncology, VC
Dr. Andrew McFadden, Surgical Oncology, VC
Dr. Stacy Miller, Radiation Oncology, CN
Dr. Deepu Mirchandani, Medical Oncology, FVC
Dr. Islam Mohamed, Radiation Oncology, FVC
Dr. Gary Pansegrau, Medical Oncology, VC
Dr. Saibishkumar Elantholi Parameswaran, Radiation Oncology, VIC
Dr. Gerald Partridge, Medical Oncology, FVC
Dr. Jennifer Percy, Medical Oncology, VIC
Dr. Milton Po, Radiation Oncology, VC
Dr. Sanjay Rao, Medical Oncology, FVC
Dr. Mia Raziya, Medical Oncology, AC
Dr. Kerry Savage, Medical Oncology, VC
Dr. Asif Shaikh, Medical Oncology, AC
Dr. Michelle Sutter, Surgery, VC
Dr. Ann Tan, Medical Oncology, AC
Dr. Dorothy Uhlman, Medical Oncology, AC
Dr. Zachary Veitch, Medical Oncology, VIC
Dr. Joanna Vergidis, Medical Oncology, VIC
Dr. Deepa Wadhwa, Medical Oncology, FVC
Dr. Mary Wall, Medical Oncology, FVC
Dr. Yang Wang, Dermatologic Oncology, VC
Dr. Kenneth Wilson, Medical Oncology, CN
Dr. Robert Winston, Medical Oncology, AC
Dr. Katherine Xing, Medical Oncology, FVC
Dr. Youwen Zhou, Dermatologic Oncology, VC
Dr. David Zloty, Dermatology Skin Care Centre

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