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Cancer Care Team

Each member of our team of healthcare professionals plays a special role in your care.
Some work directly with you to treat your cancer, others help you deal with the impact of cancer, while others may not deal with you directly but are still vital to your treatment.

Effective cancer care involves you, your family doctor, specialists and other healthcare professionals. Although you will see different healthcare professionals, your family doctor is still in charge of any general health problems you may have and continues to play a major role in your ongoing care. Your family doctor will receive regular reports regarding your cancer and care from your treatment team.

In addition to the staff you will meet regularly, your complete cancer care team includes staff working in numerous areas such as patient records, radiation electronics and administration. Here are of some of the healthcare professionals you are likely to encounter during your journey:


Counsellors are mental health specialists who can help you and your family understand, manage and cope with feelings, thoughts, worries and behaviours. Counsellors can connect you with the many services and support programs available at BC Cancer and in the community.


A nurse gives care. Nurses often have the most contact with you and will answer questions, give medicine and provide emotional support.


A medical oncologist is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, and targeted therapy.

Oral Oncology/Dental department

BC Cancer dentists and dental specialists are an integral part of the cancer care team. They provide oral/dental care for patients undergoing radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and/or surgery for head and neck cancer. Additionally, the clinic specializes in the rehabilitation of complicated intraoral and facial defects.


Pain & Symptom Management/Palliative Care Specialist

Doctors who help manage pain or other symptoms are trained palliative medicine specialists. They work with your oncologist and family doctor or nurse practitioner to make sure all your supportive and palliative care needs are met. They provide this care during cancer treatment and rehabilitation, survivorship, and in hospice care.


A pharmacist prepares cancer drugs and other medications and explains how they work.


Physiotherapy (PT) services can assist with movement, pain management, fatigue, balance, lymphedema and more. BC Cancer - Vancouver offers in-person or virtual appointments with a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will review your symptoms, give you management strategies, prescribe exercises for your needs, and help you get home safety equipment if you need it. Speak with you cancer care team, family doctor or nurse practitioner about a referral to BC Cancer Physiotherapy.



Psychiatrists are medical doctors specializing in mental health. They use medications and talk therapy to help with things like depression, anxiety, sleep problems, changes in personality, fear of treatment or illness, and changes in thoughts and perception.

Visit our Psychiatry page.


Radiation therapist

Radiation therapists plan and deliver radiation treatments according to the prescription of the radiation oncologist. They have expert knowledge of treatment principles and calculations required for safe and accurate treatment delivery.


Registered dietitian

A registered dietitian can answer questions and provide counselling on diet and nutrition throughout your treatment and recovery.


To learn more about cancer care team members at BC Cancer, visit our patient guide.

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