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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services provides diagnostic laboratory and cervical cancer screening laboratory services.


Diagnostic laboratory services include phlebotomy, histopathology, diagnostic cytology, flow cytometry and cancer genetics. Testing performed in these sections is available through referrals from physicians and the BC cancer centres.

Cervical cancer screening laboratory services includes primary cervical cytology screening and in-scope HPV testing from all the cervical specimens collected from clinicians across BC.

Turnaround times

Turnaround Time (TAT) for reports is measured from time of accessioning into the Laboratory Information System to time of sign out by the pathologists.

**Please note: Turnaround time for cancer genetics tests - NGS panels (updated Oct 2023):

NGS Panel results are being delayed beyond our target turnaround time. Due to the high volume of requests for results, we are not able to respond to every message with an estimated report date. We are committed to reporting results as quickly as possible. If the result is STAT and will impact the clinical management of the patient, then please contact with additional information and justification. These requests will be forwarded to the medical director for approval of expedited results.

**Please note: Cervix screening tests (self-collect HPV and provider-collect liquid-based collections currently have a delayed turnaround of approximately 8 weeks from date of receipt in the lab**

Expected TATs are summarized here: Turnaround Times - Updated MAY 2024

Under some circumstances, cases may take longer than the expected benchmark TAT. Reasons may include:

  • Processing time - technical reasons requiring prolonged processing before examination
  • Second opinion- difficult diagnosis requiring another pathologist opinion
  • Additional testing- special tests may add several days
  • Troubleshooting- information missing which may aid in diagnosis

Send-out testing

Oncotype DX testing is offered to patients with certain criteria and is performed off-site. The process and forms can be found below:

Note: This test is for breast only.

This testing is performed at Genomic Health, California USA.

This process was revised in to accommodate payment for the test by BC Cancer, under certain new criteria (JPEG) (Sept 29, 2021). This process cannot be used for self-pay patients.

The new procedure is (revised 2020):

  1. Complete a Compassionate Access Program request on the CAP website.
  2. Complete the consent form (PDF) with the patient and submit it to CAP by fax or via DocuSign. Note that the patient MUST sign the form. Writing "telephone consent" is NOT acceptable. For further information on how to sign the document: DocuSign – how to sign document (provider guide) (PDF) and DocuSign – how to sign document (patient guide) (PDF)
  3. Complete a requisition form on the Genomic Health patient online portal:
  4. CAP will advise if the application is successful.
  5. For a successful application, Genomic Health will apply to the hospital that holds the tissue for a sample to be tested.
  6. Upon completion of the test, the results will be available to the requesting physician on the secure patient portal.

See a flow diagram of the process (PDF).

Additional information can be found at:

Genomic Health, Inc.®
Customer Service - International
Phone: +650 569 2080
Toll free: +866 662 6897 (Canada)

If you have any questions about the process for requesting this test please contact:

Pathology Office, Supervisor, BC Cancer - VCC
Tel: 604-877-6000 #672073

Test request forms

These forms are updated regularly, they can also be found under the appropriate section heading. Please only use the current form and do not write in other tests that are not on the form.

All files are in pdf format.

Most forms must be faxed to the hospital holding the tissue NOT BC Cancer lab (instructions on each form). See list of lab fax numbers (PDF).

Cancer Genetics

Study-specific requisitions are also available for the following:

Cervical Cancer Screening
(HPV + Cytology)

Diagnostic Cytology

Anatomic Pathology

*Pathologist Use ONLY. No report will be issued by the BC Cancer-VCC Lab

Other forms


The Laboratory is accredited by the Diagnostic Accreditation Program of the College of Surgeons and Physicians of BC.

A copy of the current certificate can be found here.
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