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Use our services to make your visits easier.

At BC Cancer – Vancouver, we offer many services to support patients and their families. Click the tabs below to learn more about support and treatment services available.

Attention: Vancouver centre patients arriving for your appointments
As of June 19, BC Cancer - Vancouver moved to a new electronic system. Your appointment may take longer than usual as our staff adapt to the new system. Thank you for your patience. Learn more and what to expect before arriving for your appointment.

Support services
The following support services are available at BC Cancer – Vancouver. For more information, click the links below or call 604-877-6000 or toll-free (within BC) 1-800-663-3333.


The cafeteria is open to patients and their families from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday. It is on the ground floor, on your left once you pass the elevators in the main lobby. There is also a wide array of eateries within a few blocks. There is also a comfort cart, operated by our volunteers, that provides complimentary tea, coffee and snacks.



The Order of the Eastern Star provides free dressings as needed for every cancer patient in British Columbia. For more information, please check with a BC Cancer – Vancouver staff member.


Indigenous Patient Navigator

An Indigenous patient navigator (IPN) works with the cancer care team to deliver supportive, trauma-informed and culturally safe care to Indigenous patients and their families. Patients who identify as Indigenous, First nations, Metis, Inuit, Status and Non-Status, can access IPN services.

For more information, visit Indigenous Cancer Control

You can also call toll free 1-800-663-3333.


Interpreter services

An interpreter may be booked for appointments. To request an interpreter, mention it to the clerk when they contact you to set up your first appointment.



The library offers a collection of resources to help patients and families cope with cancer. To contact a librarian, email or call 604-675-8001 or toll-free (within BC) 1-888-675-8001 ext. 8001.



The pharmacy is located on the 6th floor of BC Cancer – Vancouver (adjacent to the Chemotherapy Treatment Unit) and is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (excluding statutory holidays). To contact the pharmacy, call 604-877-6135 or toll-free (within BC) 1-800-663-3333 ext. 676135.


Vancouver Sexual Health & Menopause Clinic

Vancouver Sexual Health & Menopause Clinic is a supportive care service for BC Cancer patients. Sexual health is an important part of well-being. Cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery can impact sexuality and quality of life in many ways. The goal of the clinic is to support you through any changes you experience. This clinic is open to anyone assigned female at birth including women, trans men, and non-binary individuals. Ask your cancer care team to refer you.

Vancouver Sexual Health & Menopause Clinic brochure



For more information on transportation assistance to and from cancer treatment appointments at BC Cancer – Vancouver, visit Transportation & Lodging.


Treatment services

Ambulatory care chemotherapy unit

The ambulatory care chemotherapy unit, located on the 6th floor and open Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 6:30 pm, is where all chemotherapy drugs are administered. The length of stay can vary between 30 minutes and 8 hours depending on type of treatment. Patients receiving longer treatments are encouraged to bring a book, personal music player, or their favourite drinks and snacks for their time in the treatment unit.

Ambulatory care unit

The ambulatory care unit, located on the 2nd floor of BC Cancer – Vancouver and the 8th floor of the Fairmont Building, is a dedicated clinic area where patients meet their care team. Patients, families and healthcare professionals work together to develop care plans, provide support and education.


Chemotherapy is the treatment that involves use of chemical agents (drugs) to stop cancer cells from growing. Chemotherapy can eliminate cancer cells at sites great distances from the original cancer. As a result, chemotherapy is considered a systemic treatment.

Daycare unit

The daycare unit, located on the 5th floor and open 8:30 am to 6:30 pm, provides treatments and procedures which are usually booked in advance. The length of stay in this unit can be between 15 minutes to 8 hours. Patients who need to stay for many hours are encouraged to bring a book, personal music player and their favourite drinks and snacks. Family and friends are welcome during your time on the unit.


The dental clinic is located on the 2nd floor of BC Cancer – Vancouver and is open Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm (excluding Stat Holidays). BC Cancer registered patients may be referred to the clinic by their oncologist. To contact the dental clinic, call 604-877-6136 or toll-free (within BC) 1-800-663-3333 ext 676136. 


Inpatient unit

The inpatient unit, located on the 5th floor, is for patients who require supportive care and symptom management while receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy. All patients are encouraged to invite their family or friends to visit.


Lab tests are common for most cancer patients, so you will likely visit the laboratory, located on the 3rd floor of the building (turn left out of the elevators), on a regular basis.


  • Out-Patient Sample Collection
    • First Come, First Serve Basis - Patients should come 2 hours before their planned treatment.
      • Monday - Friday: 07:00-16:30
    • By Appointment Only.
      • Saturday/Sunday/Holidays: 09:00-10:15 


At BC Cancer – Vancouver, you will be cared for by registered nurses (RN) who have received additional education in cancer care. Many of our nurses have achieved the designation of Certified Oncology Nurses in Canada.


Physiotherapy (PT) services can help with movement, pain management, fatigue, balance, lymphedema and more. BC Cancer - Vancouver offers in-person or virtual appointments with a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will give you a treatment plan based on your needs and goals. To create this plan and put it into action, the physiotherapist will:

  • Review and asses your symptoms
  • Give you information and management strategies
  • Teach you exercises and stretches to help improve your breathing, strength, movement and daily activity
  • Connect you with community resources and prescribe safety equipment if needed.

Speak with you cancer care team, family doctor or nurse practitioner about a referral to BC Cancer Physiotherapy. 

BC Cancer Vancouver Physiotherapy
Room 576, 600 West 10th Ave, Vancouver
Monday – Thursday, 8:30am – 4:30pm
Phone: 604-877-6000 ext. 2807  

Radiology (diagnostic imaging)

If you need an x-ray, CT scan, MRI or ultrasound as part of your care you may be asked to visit Radiology (the diagnostic imaging department) located on the 3rd floor of the building (turn left out of the elevators). Radiology provides a variety of imaging services requested by health care professionals and is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For more information, call 604-877-6000 ext. 2274.

Speciality units

Specialty certified nurses offer unique care and services in specialty units such as the operating Room, Recovery Room and Day Care. These nurses work closely with the oncologists, radiation therapists, pharmacists, counsellors and other members of the interdisciplinary team to coordinate care and ensure that patient needs are met.

Surgical suite

The surgical suite, located on the 2nd floor and open Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, has two operating rooms, a surgical daycare, post-anesthetic recovery room and sterile supply department. The physicians who operate are surgeons, oncologists or researchers.
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