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Selected Publications

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  1. The Early Detection of Oral Cancer Working Group. Guideline for the Early Detection of Oral Cancer in British Columbia 2008. Journal of Canadian Dental Association. (In press, April 2008)
  2. Rosin, M.P., Poh, C., Elwood, M., Williams, M., Gallagher, R., MacAulay, C., Lam, W.L., Auluck, A., Zhang, L., and Hislop, G. New Hope for Oral Cancer Solutions: Together We Can Make a Difference. Journal of Canadian Dental Association (In press, April 2008)
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  11. Poh, C.F., Currie, B., Hislop, T.G., Bottorff, J., Zhang, L., MacAulay, C. and Rosin, M.P. Moving oral cancer screening to “comfort zones” in the Vancouver downtown eastside, a high-risk underserved community. National Forum on Cancer Care for All Canadians Improving Access & Minimizing Disparities. In press, November (2007).
  12. Laronde, D., Poh, C.F., Williams, M., Hislop, T.G., Zhang, L., MacAulay, C., and Rosin, M.P. A magic wand for the community dental office? Observations from the British Columbia Oral Cancer Prevention Program. JCDA, 73(7): 607-609 (2007).
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  1. Ng, S., Poh, C.F., Williams, M., Zhang, L., MacAulay, C., and Rosin, M.P. Use of Direct Fluorescence Visualization to Identify High-Risk Oral Pre-malignant Lesions in British Columbia: Update. Inside Dentistry, 3 (4, Supplement), 199:19-20 (2007). 
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  15. Rosin, M.P., Cheng, X., Poh, C., Lam, W.L., Huang, Y., Lovas, J., Berean, K., Epstein, J.B., Priddy, R., Le, N.D. and Zhang, L. Use of allelic loss to predict malignant risk of low-grade oral epithelial dysplasias. Clin. Cancer Res., 6(2): 357-362 (2000).

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