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Media Enquiries

We will do our best to help the media meet deadlines and find the right experts to answer your questions.
The Communications team at BC Cancer has a responsibility to answer all media queries in a timely and appropriate fashion. 

Please review the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) Guidelines for Media Organizations.

Communications operates under the following guidelines and policies, established by the Provincial Health Services Authority:

  • Reporters should call Communications to arrange interviews. Our researchers, physicians and other staff are extremely busy. A communications team member can facilitate your access to a specialist or spokesperson.
  • PHSA and its agencies act in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Patient/client information, including confirmation of admission, treatment, condition or confirmation of death, is not released to anyone outside the PHSA agency in question unless the release is authorized in writing by patient/client consent, parent/family/guardian consent, subpoena, legislative authorization, search warrant or court order, or unless the release of information regarding Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission clients is deemed necessary in the interests of public safety.
  • In the cases of patients/clients under the age of 19 and where the terms "parent," "family" and/or "guardian" are used for the purposes of obtaining consent to release information to the media and/or public, the patient/client's written consent can be substituted and deemed to be adequate if, in accordance with the provisions of the Infants Act, the patient/client has provided informed consent to treatment at a PHSA agency. PHSA Communications staff in the agency concerned will consult with physicians/appropriate health professionals to determine whether the patient/client is capable of understanding the implications of release of personal information, and if his/her consent to release information is informed. In the case where patient/client consent is obtained, efforts will be made to inform parents/family/guardians of the patients' intent to release information, unless the patient/client explicitly requests that his/her parents/family/guardians not be informed.
  • At no time will information regarding a patient/client's prognosis be released. Separate policies exist that apply to publication or presentation of patient information or photographs for academic purposes.
  • A communications team member is available after normal clinic hours and on weekends. To reach a member of the team urgently, please page 778-867-7472.
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