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Video Resources

These videos help patients learn about their cancer and its treatment.
In addition to the videos below, there are many programs at BC Cancer that develop patient resources. Find more online pamphlets, handouts and videos by searching the other links on this page.

Patient education videos and online courses produced by BC Cancer have been compiled on this page. Many of these presentations are also available on DVD and can be borrowed from BC Cancer Libraries.

Breast cancer

BC Cancer and the BC Cancer Foundation developed a telehealth series called Closer To Home, on topics related to breast cancer. Other titles in the series are available from BC Cancer Libraries.

Cancer-related FatigueKaren Levy, Nurse; Satnam Sekhon, Dietitian, Kristin Campbell, Physiotherapist60:002008
Lymphedema and Breast Cancer; Symptom Management and Exercise after SurgeryDr. Susan Harris, UBC School of Rehabilitation Sciences60:002006
Nutritional Guidelines for Breast Cancer SurvivorsCheri Van Patten, Registered Dietician60:002008
Side Effects of Radiation and Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer PatientsDr. Lorna Weir, Radiation Oncologist; Dr. Karen Gelmon, Medical Oncologist60:002008
Taking Charge of Your Recovery After CancerKathy Scalzo, co-author of "Picking up the pieces"33:002008
Understanding Breast Reconstruction Surgery : Is It For Me?

Dr. Peter Lennox, Plastic Surgeon60:002007

Other presentations on Breast Cancer:

The Canadian Breast Cancer network sponsored a presentation by Cheri Van Patten on January 12, 2010. The webinar Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Women with Breast Cancer is a 60 minute presentation followed by a 30 minute Q&A session.

Radiation Therapy for the Breast Cancer Patient is a video filmed at the Sindi Ahluwahlia Centre for the Southern Interior in Kelowna.


BC Cancer and the BC Cancer Foundation host an educational forum on colorectal cancers every year. Presentations from some of the previous years are available to borrow from the BC Cancer Library.

Introduction to Colon Cancer and ChemotherapyHoward Lim29:292016
What you need to know about Radiation Therapy for Colorectal Cancer

Romney Lund35:052016
Supportive CareCorey Metcalfe46:152016
Surveillance and Follow upJonathan Loree37:212016
Emerging TherapiesHoward Lim41:472016
Colorectal Cancer and Surgery Ahmer Karimuddan,
 St. Paul's Hospital
Colorectal Cancer Survivorship : Life after TreatmentDr. Winson Cheung, Medical Oncologist24:452013
Complementary and Alternative MedicinesShirin Abadi, Pharmacy Education Coordinator16:012013
Physical Activity : From Evidence to AdviceKristin Campbell, PhD, UBC Department of Physical Therapy22:522013


The Community Cancer Forum is a free educational event put on by BC Cancer for patients and the public. A selection of recent presentations is available here. Other presentations are available on DVD from the BC Cancer Library.

Cancer Transitions: Nutrition Beyond CancerCheri Van Patten41:002010

Exercise for Wellness: Customized ExerciseDr. Kristin Campbell17:002010
Get Moving: Ways for Teens / Young Adults with Cancer to Stay ActiveKristen Campbell, Maria Juricic71:002011

Meditation to Mistletoe: Talking About Complementary Medicine (CAM) and CancerDr. Lynda Balneaves, Tracy Truant87:002010

Nutrition to Feed the Soul and Nourish the Spirit: An Interactive Cooking DemoGerry Kasten, Monique Miles85:002010

Wrong Way to Hope: An Inspiring Story of Young Adults and CancerMike Lang38:002011

BC Cancer and the BC Cancer Foundation host an educational forum on gynecological cancers every year. 
Presentations from previous years are available to borrow from the BC Cancer Library.

TitlePresenterLength Year
Understanding subtype and grade in Ovarian and Endometrial cancerBlake Gilks21:102016
Understanding stage in Ovarian and Endometrial cancerMarette Lee27:072016
Therapeutic implications of subtype, stage and gradeAalok Kumar22:012016
Treatment of recurrent endometrial cancerTheresa Chan18:272016

Treatment of recurrent Ovarian cancer

Aalok Kumar29:162016
Clinical trials updateAnna Tinker30:282016
ImmunotherapyBrad Nelson36:432016

Gynecologic cancer screening pilot studyAnna Tinker18:492016
Lynch syndromeJanice Kwon21:012015
Abnormal DNA mismatch repair (MMR) in endometrial carcinoma

Blake Gilks20:552015
Hereditary basis of ovarian cancerGillian Mitchell42:032015
PARP inhibitorsAnna Tinker23:242015
What are clinical trials and why are they so important?

Paul Hoskins30:472015
Why rare is important: Lessons from small cell carcinomaAnthony Karnezis17:422015
The role of the pathologist in cancer diagnosis and management

Diana Ionescu26:562015
Diagnostic imaging modalities in gynecological cancer: benefits  and limitations
CA125: What does it mean? 

Immune therapy - Enhancing the immune response to cancer

What is cancer genomics?

Advance directives

OvCaRe update
Helena O’Dwyer

Susan Ellard
Brad Nelson

Janessa Laskin
Nancy Payeur
Dianne Miller












BC Cancer and the BC Cancer Foundation have hosted several educational forums on lung cancer.

Overview of Lung CancerDr. Nevin Murray21:15English
Overview of Lung CancerDr. Susan Kwan17:07Cantonese 广东话
Clinical TrialsDr. Janessa Laskin15:20English
Clinical Trials Patient's PerspectiveMr. Michael Meeking11:20English
Complementary TherapyTracy Truant RN17:45English
Medical OncologyDr. Cheryl Ho9:00English
Nursing and Supportive CareKaren Levy RN9:40English
NutritionSatnam Sekhon20:10English
NutritionSatnam Sekhon22:37Cantonese 广东话

Patient PerspectiveLinda Bolding-Jones8:00English
Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy OptionsDr. Simon Yu19:55Cantonese 广东话
Radiation OncologyDr. Barry Sheehan12:35English
Research in Lung CancerDr. Theresa Chan8:57Cantonese 广东话
Screening/Early Detection/Lung Health StudyDr. Annette McWilliams16:45English
SurgeryDr. John Yee28:25English
Symptom ManagementHelena Akrigg RN15:21Cantonese 广东话
Traditional Chinese MedicineDr. Michael Chung19:06Mandarin 广东话


BC Cancer and the BC Cancer Foundation host an educational forum on lymphoid cancers each spring.

Spring 2015 - held on Friday May 22, 2015

Lymphoid cancer basicsDr. David Scott22:392015
New drugs in lymphomaDr. Diego Villa33:542015
Lost and found in Lymphoid-LandAviva Rubin51:312015

Spring 2014 - held on Friday April 4, 2014

Lymphoid Cancer 101 - The BasicsDr. Joseph 
Large Scale Sequence Analysis 
Reveals Significant Roles for the Epigenome in Cancer Progression

Dr. Marco Marra
Panel Discussion - experts take questions from the audienceDr's Connors, 
Marra & Treon
A Patient's PerspectiveShane Worman27:302014
A Caregiver's PerspectiveRuth MacPhee24:242014

Older presentations:

About Lymphoid Cancers
Myths and RealitiesDr. Joseph Connors22:112013
Basics of lymphoid cancer: what are they and how are they treated?Dr. Laurie Sehn, Medical Oncologist36:002011
New Drugs in LymphomaDr. Diego Villa18:532013
Human Genome and LymphomasDr. Andrew Mungall16:272013
Epidemiology of lymphoid cancersDr John Spinelli, Senior Research Scientist23:002009
The wonderful world of lymphoid pathologyDr. Randy Gascoyne, Pathologist23:002009

Life with Lymphoid Cancers

Life after Cancer: The New NormalJanie Brown, 
Callanish Society
Does natural always mean good? The nuts & bolts of natural health productsDr. Shirin Abadi, Pharmacist22:002009
Cancer and diet: why the confusion? and Global guidelinesSatnam Sekhon, Registered Dietician24:002009

Feeling your bestNola Wurtele, Nurse Practitioner22:002009

Living with cancer: perspective of a patientPaul MacDonald PhD, Cancer survivor18:432010
Quality of lifeDr. Pippa Hawley, Internist, Palliative Medicine Specialist27:002010

Patient Perspectives
A Patient's PerspectiveTerry Lynne Sullivan20:062013
It's Great to Be HereAlex Blodgett17:452013
Patient presentationHolly Hutchinson, Cancer survivor22:002009


The BC Cancer Oncology Nutrition team hosted an information day for cancer patients in September 2013.

WelcomeRyna Levy-Milne, Provincial Practice Leader, Oncology Nutrition5:392013
Body Weight and Cancer : What You Need to KnowCheri Van Patten, Registered Dietician26:142013
Organic vs Conventional Food : Understanding the Difference & Implication for HealthJesse Veenstra, PHSA Mobile Medical Unit29:572013
What do I Eat Now? And Other Questions About Diet and CancerAndrea Holmes, Registered Dietician, HealthLink BC31:022013


These two videos were filmed in the BC Cancer clinic in Kelowna, but content is suitable for patients attending any of the BC Cancer radiation therapy centres.

Radiation therapy for the breast cancer patient. 2008

Radiation therapy for the prostate cancer patient. (External beam radiation) 2011

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