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Excellence Awards

Celebrating the passion and remarkable contributions of BC Cancer staff, and highlighting how our people are making a difference for British Columbians facing cancer.

The BC Cancer Excellence Awards give us an opportunity to shine a light on some of the inspiring people and teams at BC Cancer. Let’s celebrate those who work every day to ensure that the people of B.C. receive world-class, patient-centred cancer screening, treatment and support.

This is a chance to celebrate the passion and remarkable contributions of BC Cancer staff, and highlight some outstanding examples of how our people are making a difference for British Columbians facing cancer.

Patients, caregivers and members of the public can nominate in the Patient Care Champion category. A Patient Care Champion is someone – whether it's a doctor, a nurse, a clerk, a volunteer or another position, who does one or all of the following:

  • Helps improve the care experience of patients and families
  • Helps improve your knowledge of the cancer system
  • Shows compassion, creativity and teamwork
Nominations for the 2022 BC Cancer Excellence Awards are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination. The award recipients will be announced in the Fall. 

Unsung Hero Award

Dr. Caroline Lohrisch, Medical Oncologist and Department Head of Medical Oncology, BC Cancer - Vancouver
“Dr. Lohrisch is very approachable to those in her department. Her door is open to everyone including the residents, fellows, and staff. She listens, cares about the person and the issue, and genuinely wants to improve things. She truly strives to achieve what is best for individuals as well as the department."

Read more about Dr. Lohrisch.

Workplace Inspiration Award

Nicole Peterson, Medical Secretary, Radiation Oncology, BC Cancer – Vancouver
“In the many years that I worked with Nicole, she demonstrates intelligence, tactfulness, diplomacy, leadership through every interaction or approach to people. Of greater importance would be her dedication, care, humour, honesty, integrity and hard work to her job. She inspires and motivates others to focus on providing patient-centred care.”

Read more about Nicole.

Patient Care Champion Award (Staff Nominated)

Kelly Gill, Radiation Therapist, Radiation Therapy Area 2, BC Cancer – Surrey
“Kelly treats all patients as if they were a friend or family member. She comes to work not only with a smile on her face but with a willingness to make the lives of her cancer patients more tolerable. She shows a level of compassion and kindness that goes above and beyond the normal duties of ‘doing your job.’ Patients always look forward to seeing her.”

Read more about Kelly.

Patient Care Champion Award (Patient Nominated)

Dr. Florian Kuchenbauer, Clinician-Scientist at the Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of BC, Senior Scientist at the Terry Fox Laboratory, and Associate Professor of medicine at the University of British Columbia
“Dr. Kuchenbauer is doctor who meets me as a human being, treating me as an active partner in this fight. Defeating cancer isn’t like a road race: the finish line isn’t always visible, and it keeps moving all the time. It’s a marathon, not a sprint—and Dr. Kuchenbauer is brilliant in supporting, empowering, and guiding me as I move towards my goal of recovery so I can spend more precious time with family and doing the things I love. And our strategy is working. The whole world should know how amazing he is!”

Read more about Dr. Kuchenbauer.

Teamwork & Collaboration in Action Award

Animal Resource Centre, BC Cancer Research Institute
Team members recognized for this award: Ashley Bitz, Ashley Tait, Bill Bishop, Brandie Smith, Brian Tung, Bronwen Moeller, Chinda Nav, Dayna Evans, Diane Korvin, Donald Stewart, Gayle Paquette, Ioana Oala, Jennifer Yeung, Jerzhel Rodriguez, Jianping (Jane) Jin Xu, Jonathan Sheps, Jordan Gavin, Joshua Rangel Gil, Larissa Patlan Ramirez, Mariam Oyinlola, Mari Miyamoto, Nicole Hofs, Selina Merrick, Steve Sharma, Tanya Ren and Tara MacDonald.
“The team provides outstanding assistance for our animal research by their diligence and ‘can do’ attitude. The ‘can do’ attitude extends from ensuring there are sufficient clean cages, careful monitoring of animal health, assisting with reducing animal numbers to minimize surpluses, to the outstanding skills of our technicians in surgery. All members are willing to work with the researchers to get the experiments done in a safe and humane manner. The service they provide is without question, vital to the success of cancer researchers at BC Cancer.”

Innovation & Discovery in Action Award

Patient and Family Counselling Team, BC Cancer – Victoria
Team members recognized for this award: Marita Poll, Laura Daly, Kathy Green, Paula Myers, Beth Burton-Krahn and Josie Hessels.
“When the pandemic began, the Victoria Centre Patient and Family Counselling Team rose to the challenge. They asked questions like how can we provide care to patients and family on Vancouver Island during this time, and do they need anything different or additional? From handouts specifically on coping with cancer during the pandemic, to looking at practical considerations through a new lens when people lose their income due to the pandemic, this team looked at coping with cancer through a trauma-informed lens. Psycho-social oncology care not only continued, but it was adapted and improved.”

Read more about the BC Cancer - Victoria Patient and Family Counselling Team.

Unsung Hero Award

Annie Liu, Clinical Services Program Secretary, BC Cancer - Victoria

"Annie is the glue that keeps our ambulatory care clinics and teams running smoothly. On a daily basis, her hidden talents shine in rolling up her sleeves to problem solve just about anything that comes across her desk. Payroll, ordering, computer issues, 'this doesn't work tasks' and 'can you just have a look at this', virtual health, schedules and so many other responsibilities that sit with Annie are effortlessly completed."

Workplace Inspiration Award

Dr. Frances Wong, Senior Executive Director, Medical Affairs, Quality and Clinical Information Systems 

"Dr. Frances Wong is the embodiment of a workplace inspiration, in the way she models service, dedication and professionalism. She is also an inspiration for how to be in the workplace - a trusted colleague when you need one, a friend you can confide in, and a leader who knows how to stay calm and focused even in the most challenging of times." 

Patient Care Champion Award (nominated by staff)

Giovanna Cameron, Section Head, Clinical Cell Therapy Laboratory, Leukemia/BMT Program of BC

"For patients suffering from chronic GVHD of the eyes, autologous serum drops are invaluable and access to this treatment has been continuously and directly facilitated by Giovanna. She is an invaluable resource."  

Patient Care Champion Award (nominated by patients)

Julie Nager, Radiation Therapist, BC Cancer - Surrey 

"Julie has been an exceptional patient care professional. She answers my questions, provides me with the appropriate literature and has even gone to get a doctor to assist me with my health concerns. Julie goes above and beyond the call of duty and always provides value-added suggestions." 

Teamwork and Collaboration in Action Award

BC Cancer CASCADE Team: Dmitriy Bykov, Alexander Kozhikhov, Alison Kong, Ester Chan, Hugo Britto, Joanne Calinisan, Kathleen Creamer, Mary Nagy, Rachel Berns, Sarah Dhamrait

"The BC Cancer CASCADE team works across the cervix, breast and colon screening programs to design and implement a new system that improves the quality and consistency of cancer screening support for all eligible populations in the province. This group of talented individuals brought all their skills, knowledge, experience, dedication and respect for one another to the team. The mix of innovative thinking, logical reasoning, systematic approach to problem solving, attention to details under a collaborative and learning environment, was applied throughout the project." 

Unsung Hero 
  • Craig Giles, Patient Care Aide, BC Cancer – Surrey

Workplace Inspiration
  • Dr. Stacy Miller, Radiation Oncologist, Executive Medical Director, BC Cancer – Prince George 

Patient Care Champion (nominated by staff) 
  • Dr. Karen Goddard, Radiation Oncologist, BC Cancer – Vancouver

Patient Care Champion (nominated by patients) 
  • Dr. Phillip B. Malpass, Nelson - Community Oncology Network

Teamwork & Collaboration in Action
  • Early Palliative Integration into Cancer Care (EPICC) Team: Dr. Michael McKenzie, Sara Camano, Antony Porcino, Beth Skuggedal, Prince George Implementation Team, EPICC model of care, education and evaluation working groups

Innovation & Discovery in Action
  • Kelowna Brachytherapy Team: Drs. Juanita Crook, François Bachand, Deidre Batchelar, and Michelle Hilts, BC Cancer – Kelowna 

BC Cancer staff members can find information on additional award categories and how to nominate on POD.

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