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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services provides diagnostic laboratory and cervical cancer screening laboratory services.


The IHC lab is pleased to announce that PDL1 testing for Lung Cancer is now being performed using the 22C3 clone on a DAKO Autostainer.

Note that Cytology samples are not validated for testing and will not be tested.

For those patients whose lung tumour is to be tested for EGFR/ALK or Oncopanel/ALK the addition of a PDL1 stain is automatic and this is reflected in the Solid Tumour request form. No addition request is necessary.

For those patients who need PDL1 testing for squamous carcinoma, or have a previous EGFR/ALK or Oncopanel/ALK result there is a new request form entitled "Biomarker Request Form" where the test can be ordered. The dMMR test request form has been deleted and a line added to this form.

The "Pathology request form" was beginning to look very congested so the review request portion has been split off onto its own form. This is to be used for slide review only.

All these forms can be found under the "Test request forms" tab below.
Diagnostic laboratory services include phlebotomy, histopathology, diagnostic cytology, flow cytometry and cancer genetics. Testing performed in these sections is available through referrals from physicians and the BC cancer centres.

Cervical cancer screening laboratory services includes screening all the cervical specimens from physicians across BC and maintaining the database for rescreening of patients on a regular basis.

Oncotype DX breast tumour testing is offered to patients with certain criteria, the process and forms can be found below.

Note: this is for breast only.

This testing is performed at Genomic Health, California USA. 

This process was revised in 2016 to accomodate payment for the test by BCCA, under certain new  criteria. This process cannot be used for self pay patients.

The new procedure is:

  1. Complete a Compassionate Access Program request (available from CAP).
  2. Complete the consent form with the patient (form is here ). Note that the patient MUST sign the form, writing "telephone consent" is NOT acceptable. The witness signature must be completed and this cannot be the same as the physician signature.
  3. Complete a Genomic Health requisition, Pads of these are available from Genomic Health (see below) or if you just need one form you can print this one. For an example of which sections to complete click here.
  4. Fax all to the Compassionate Access Program at BCCA using the fax cover page attached to the form in (2).
  5. CAP will advise if the application is successful.
  6. For a successful application, Genomic Health will apply to the Hospital that holds the tissue for a sample to be tested.
  7. Upon completion of the test the results will be available to the requesting physician on the secure patient portal. In order to protect patient information it is recommended that physicians have at least a 15 character password for this site and that they close the site when they walk away from their computers
A flow diagram of the process can be found here.

Pads of requisitions can be obtained from:-

Genomic Health, Inc.®
Customer Service - International
Phone: +650 569 2080
Toll free: +866 662 6897 (Canada)

If you have any questions about the process for requesting this test 
please contact Laboratory Site Supervisor  BCCA-VCC
604-877-6000 #672482
Test request forms

These forms are updated regularly, they can also be found under the appropriate section heading. Please only use the current form and do not write in other tests that are not on the form.

All files are in pdf format.

Most forms must be faxed to the hospital holding the tissue NOT BCCA lab (instructions on each form), a list of lab fax numbers can be found here.

Cancer genetics

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdf Cancer Genetics Lymphoid Request Form 

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdfCancer Genetics Myeloid Request Form

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdf Cancer Genetics Solid Tumour Request Form 

The following are now on the above form please do not use old forms:- ALK/EGFR; BRAF; GIST; KRAS

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdfCancer Genetics RET index testing requisition

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdfCancer Genetics VHL Index testing requisition


Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdfDiagnostic Cytology Request Form 

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdf Gyne cytology Requisition Form 

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdf Gyne cytology Supply Form

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdf Bone Marrow Request Form

Anatomic Pathology

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdf Histopathology Requisition

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdf dMMR Testing Request Form 

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdf Immunohistochemistry Request Form  For use by pathologists only, no report will be issued by the BCCA-VCC lab

Other forms

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdf Biomarker Request Form        "NEW"

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdfPathology Review Request Form     "NEW"

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdf HER2 Neu FISH Request Form       

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdf Flow Cytometry Request Form

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdf Outside Lab Request Form

Cancer Genetics solid tumour requisition.pdfPatient consent for sendout of tissue

The Laboratory is accredited by the Diagnostic Accreditation Program of the College of Surgeons and Physicians of BC.

A copy of the current certificate can be found here.
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