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Research Ethics Board

Providing ethical review of research at the BC Cancer Agency.

The UBC BCCA REB is one of six UBC affiliated Research Ethics Boards (UBC REBs) for research involving human participants.  The UBC BCCA REB reviews clinical, epidemiological and behavioural adult oncology research projects, including basic science projects that use human materials. All research at BCCA involving humans or material and information derived from humans must be reviewed and approved by the UBC BCCA Research Ethics Board before the project can be activated. The UBC BCCA REB is comprised of members who among them pool extensive experience and knowledge in scientific investigations, cancer research, the experience of cancer patients and the ethical issues raised by research involving humans.

Please note: Projects submitted to the BCCA REB must be submitted by a principal investigator who has an appointment or affiliation with the BC Cancer Agency and the project must be approved by a BCCA Department Head prior to submission to the UBC BCCA REB.


The UBC BCCA Research Ethics Board  was implemented May 27, 2003. 

Terms of Reference  UBC BCCA REB Terms of Ref-V6-2014-06-03.pdf

Current Chair & Vice Chair (since March 31, 2014)
Dr. Ken Swenerton Chair 
Dr. Vivien Bramwell Vice-Chair 

List #Description (.pdf files)Effective Date
 History of ChangesHistory of Changes.2016May3.pdf
57Current Membership ListMay 3, 2016.pdf
56Current Membership ListMarch 16, 2016.pdf
55Previous Membership ListAug 10, 2015
54Previous Membership ListFeb 1, 2015
53Previous Membership ListSept 15, 2014
52Previous Membership ListMay 1, 2014
51Previous Membership ListMar 31, 2014
50Previous Membership ListFeb 1, 2014
49Previous Membership ListJan 28, 2014
48Previous Membership ListJan 1, 2014

Interested in becoming a member?

Membership in the UBC BCCA Research Ethics Board (REB) is an interesting and exciting opportunity to contribute to the protection of human subjects in research. All Research Ethics Boards must consist of both male and female members with a variety of qualifications in order to provide a balanced perspective and to adhere to regulations that govern the Board. If you are interested in becoming a member send us a brief email telling us about yourself and why you are interested in becoming a member. It is helpful to attach your resume or CV in either a Word or PDF format.

Your interest is appreciated and all serious inquiries will be acknowledged.


Dr Kristie Westerlaken
BCCA Research Ethics Manager
Telephone: (604) 877-6284
Fax: (604) 708-2132

The UBC BCCA REB has produced annual reports since inception in May 2003.

The BCCA REB previously prepared annual reports based on the calendar year (Jan – Dec) up to and including 2006. Annual reports from 2007 onward will be based on the fiscal year (April 1 – March 31). This change is due to the implementation of the Researcher Information Services (RISe) reporting system and harmonization amongst the UBC REBs.

FWA (OHRP/FDA Assurance)

The United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Code of Federal Regulations 45 CFR 46.103​ state that every institution engaged in human subject research supported or conducted by the DHHS must have assurance of compliance approved by the US Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP/FDA).

Federalwide Assurance (FWA) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) assurances with OHRP/FDA have been obtained for both the BC Cancer Agency and the UBC BCCA Research Ethics Board (REB) which are noted below (REBs in Canada are referred to as IRBs in the United States).

For details or confirmation of the BC Cancer Agency approved OHRP/FDA assurances, go to the OHRP Database and search by entering the IORG, FWA, or IRB Number noted below.

Institutional Organization: BC Cancer Agency - IORG # IORG0003172
Type of AssuranceAssurance NumbersExpiry Date
Federalwide Assurance for "BC Cancer Agency"

FWA# FWA00001149

Mar 9, 2021

IRB Assurance for "B.C. Cancer Agency IRB #1"

IRB# IRB00003172

May 3, 2019 

For a "History of Changes" see our BCCA REB "Members" web page

The BCCA REB is a University of British Columbia (UBC) affilated REB. In addition to the above assurances, the Assurance of Compliance Statement below is from the UBC Office of Research Services that provides regulatory oversight for all UBC affiliated REB's. Assurance of Compliance Statement (.pdf)

Questions? email 

Contact Us

General enquiries
Please contact the REB Coordinators (and quote the project number - RISe # e.g. H0x-yyyyy) for all questions relating to:
  • Pre-review of all Full Board and Delegated/Minimal Risk
  • Post-review documentation of all Full board  REB decisions (e.g., deferrals, provisos, amendments, and renewals)
Evani Goll, REB Coordinator
Telephone: (604) 877-6223

Naama Rozen, REB Coordinator
Telephone: (604) 877 6289

Jessica Gagliardi, REB Coordinator
Telephone: (604) 877 6283

Policies, Governance, Compliance, REB Staff and Board
Please contact the Manager for questions relating to:

  • Compliance with local, national and international policies and legislation
  • Activities, procedures and direction of the REB and staff
  • Ethics queries
  • Training
  • Adverse events 

Dr Kristie Westerlaken, REB Manager
Telephone: (604) 877-6284

Mailing Address & General Contact Information

BC Cancer Agency
Fairmont Medical Building, Suite 902 
750 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 1H8
Fax: (604) 708-2132

For technical assistance with the RISe system (quote RISe project # if applicable).

RISe Support Desk
604-878-7473 (RISe) or

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