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Messages of Thanks

​​From cancer screening, to diagnosis and treatment, dealing with cancer can be difficult. If someone made a difference for you or your family, here is a chance to thank them.​

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Bonnie102BonnieThanks for the amazing compassionate, care and rapid follow up! I KNOW that we matter by the way we are treated. I am so grateful to all of you, especially during this difficult time of Covid-19!!13/05/2020 4:31:44 AM
Anonymous101AnonymousThank you to the pharmacists at the BC Cancer agency for working during this difficult time. I had just about run out of medication and was self isolating. Thank you to pharmacist receptionist and the pharmacist who organized to send me my medication by special delivery. Thank you thank you for your kind attitude and for being my safety net.07/05/2020 5:37:01 PM
Bonnie100BonnieAfter two years, I have one treatment to go. Feeling good and feel very fortunate to have these good results. Care from EVERYONE involved has been amazing. We can’t thank you enough. 04/05/2020 1:12:17 AM
Anonymous99AnonymousThank you to all the staff at the BC Cancer Vancouver Centre cafeteria for taking care of us with fresh breakfast, coffee and cooked lunch! To all my colleagues at BC Cancer Vancouver Centre,-please consider getting your food and coffee at our cafeteria to support them too! They need us to maintain their business and jobs during this challenging time!30/03/2020 9:20:34 PM
John98JohnI want to thank all the staff at BC Cancer for all the years you worked to keep my beloved wife with us. For 23 years and many re-occurrences, you fought to keep her - a wife, mother and grandmother – with us. A special thanks to Dr. Laskin for guiding us through the last months of her life, and to the chemotherapy department for their wonderful care.28/03/2020 3:29:17 PM
Roxana96RoxanaThank you Dr. Cohen for all your expertise, patience and dedication. All of these combined with your real kindness, make patients do better. 17/03/2020 9:03:50 PM
Lindsey95LindseyMy husband is only alive due to the high quality of care, innovative physicians and amazing nurses at BC Cancer. At 23 he was being treated for testicular cancer that had metastasized into his brain, lungs, stomach and lymph system only for it to come back five years later again in his lungs. Today is his birthday, he's 34 years old and despite a 2% survival rate, he's in remission. Thank you.21/02/2020 5:41:54 PM
Anonymous94AnonymousIn the radiation therapy world, the C team is an A+ team. The staff are consistently friendly, caring and patient. It's not a fun time for us, and that warmth is appreciated every single day.13/12/2019 7:01:42 PM
Kevin93KevinThank you for doing the best you can for patients. Keep doing what you do! Thank you! 25/11/2019 4:06:17 PM

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