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5.4 Follow-up

Patients should be reminded that it is their responsibility to keep their recommended follow-up appointments. The objectives of the follow-up visits are as follows: 

  1. To determine the patient's immediate response to the treatment employed    
  2. Early recognition and prompt management of treatment related complications
  3. Early detection of persistent or recurrent disease    
  4. Collection of meaningful data regarding the efficacy of existing treatment policies and their complications so that any appropriate modifications can be instituted
These objectives are best met by having the initial follow-up examination performed by BC Cancer medical staff. When appropriate, arrangements will be made for follow-up by the referring physician.


Year 1
every 4 months
Years 2-5
every 6 months
Years 5+


Year 1
first visit at 1 month, then every 2 months
Years 2-5
every 6 months
Years 5+

Note: follow-up consists of general exam, pelvic exam and annual Pap smear screening.


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