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Lymphoma, Chronic Leukemia, Myeloma

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The appendices include:
  • Appendix I: Biopsy Procedures
  • Appendix II: Protein Studies
  • Appendix III: Immunizations
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Treatment of Lymphoma, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Plasma Cell Disorders Including Myeloma as recommended by BC Cancer.

In recent years the treatment of the lymphomas, leukemias and related conditions has grown steadily more complex. 

The policies described in this section of the BC Cancer Cancer Management Manual have been kept as up-to-date as possible; however, active consultation with the staff of BC Cancer and regional consultants in medical oncology and hematology should be sought, especially in unusual or rare conditions. In addition, most of the conditions described here still require improved treatment which will only come about through continued careful clinical investigation and research. Active consultation will allow you to be aware of these investigative efforts so that you may hear of the most current results and participate in the actual research efforts. Your past support of such investigations has kept British Columbia at the forefront of lymphoma treatment and further improvements can only be made if that support continues. 

The members of the Lymphoma Tumour Group would appreciate your feedback concerning any of these policies. Contact any member or the chair with your questions or suggestions. 


Updated 28 July 2008 

Other plasma cell disorders (for example, heavy chain disease) are quite rare in British Columbia and their optimal management must be individualized. Please consult one of the medical oncology members of the Lymphoma Tumour Group at one of the BC Cancer Centers for recommendations concerning evaluation and management of these patients.


Revised Dec 2014

Patient and Family Counselling Services offers a number of support programs and services to patients and their families.  For more information please contact 604.877.6000, local 2194 or
toll free at 1.800.663.3333 local 2194.

The Library at 604.675.8001 or toll free: 1.888.675.8001 ext. 8001 is a valuable resource.

Shingles Vaccine patient information sheet (11 January 2012) - pdf file

Patient information regarding osteonecrosis of the jaw

Patient information for the use of topical nitrogen mustard: 



Recommended Websites


Published 29 March 2007


Updated 4 January 2012


Dr. L. Sehn, Medical Oncology, VC


Ms. S. Abadi Pharmacy VC
Dr. Y. Abou Mourad Hematology/Oncology/Leukemia/BMT Terry Fox Lab, BCCRC
Dr. A. Al-Tourah Medical Oncology FVC
Dr. K. Ambler Hematology VGH
Dr. A. Avanessian Medical Oncology CSI-Kamloops
Dr. S. Balkwill Radiation Oncology FVC
Dr. M. Barnett BMT Unit VGH
Dr. K. Berean Pathology VC & VGH
Dr. N. Berman Administration VC
Dr. T. Berrang Radiation Oncology VIC
Dr. B. Berry Lab Medicine Victoria
Dr. S. Bhimji Diagnostic Imaging VC
Dr. W. Bishop Medical Oncology Prince George Hosp.
Dr. M. Bond Hematolog/Oncology BMT Vancouver
Dr. R. Broady Hematology VGH
Dr. L. Chen Hematology VGH
Dr. M. Chhanabhai Pathology VC
Dr. J. Connors Medical Oncology VC
Dr. M. Delorme Medical Oncology Kelowna
Dr. J. Denegri Internal Medicine Vancouver
Dr. G. Dueck Medical Oncology CSI
Dr. J. Dutz Dermatology Vancouver
Dr. C. Fitzgerald Medical Oncology VIC
Dr. L. Foltz Hematology St. Paul’s Hosp.
Dr. D. Forrest BMT Unit VGH
Dr. A. Gabriel Medical Oncology BC Cancer/Kamloops
Dr. P. Galbraith Hematology AC
Dr. R. Gascoyne Pathology VC
Dr. K. Gill Medical Oncology FVC
Dr. L. Haley Pathology/Lab Medicine Royal Columbian Hosp.
Dr. M. Hayes Pathology VC
Dr. E. Hardy Medical Oncology CSI
Dr. J. Hart Medical Oncology VIC
Dr. V. Ho Dermatologic Oncology VC
Dr. D. Hoegler Radiation Oncology CSI
Dr. D. Hogge Hematology Vancouver
Dr. C. Holloway Radiation Oncology VIC
Dr. P. Hoskins Medical Oncology VC
Dr. A. Karsan Hematopathology BCCRC
Dr. R. Klasa Medical Oncology VC
Dr. R. Kotb Hematology/Medical Oncology VIC
Dr. W. Lam Hematology/Oncology Burnaby
Dr. S. Larsson Radiation Oncology VIC
Dr. C. Leger Hematology St.Paul’s Hosp.
Dr. H. Leitch Hematology St. Paul’s Hosp.
Dr. C. Li Hematology Vancouver
Dr. C. Lund Radiation Oncology FVC
Dr. N. Macpherson Medical Oncology VIC
Dr. C. Mar Diagnostic Imaging VC
Dr. J. Morris Radiation Oncology VC
Dr. K. Murphy Medical Oncology FVC
Dr. L. Nakashima Pharmacy VC
Dr. S. Nantel Leukemia/BMT VGH
Dr. S. Narayanan Hematology/Oncology/Leukemia/BMT Terry Fox Lab, BCCRC
Dr. T. Nevill Hematology VGH
Dr. M. Noble Hematology New Westminster
Ms. J. Nyrose Pharmacy CSI
Dr. H. O’Dwyer Diagnostic Imaging VC
Dr. C. Oja Medical Oncology AC
Dr. D. Panjwani Radiation Oncology CN
Dr. C. Parsons Radiation Oncology VC
Dr. W. Pewarchuk Internal Medicine Cowichan District Hosp.
Dr. T. Pickles Radiation Oncology VC
Dr. M. Power Hematology/Oncology BMT VGH
Dr. B. Proctor Medical Oncology CSI-Kamloops
Dr. K. Ramadan Hematology St. Paul’s Hosp.
Dr. P. Rogers Pediatric Oncology Vancouver
Dr. K. Savage Medical Oncology VC
Dr. D. Schellenberg Radiation Oncology FVC
Dr. T. Shenkier Medical Oncology VC
Dr. J. Shepherd Head, Leukemia/ BMT VGH
Dr. J. Shustik Medical Oncology FVC
Dr. B. Skinnider Pathology VC & VGH
Dr. G. Slack Pathology VC
Dr. S. Smiljanic Medical Oncology Lion’s Gate Hosp.
Dr. K. Song Hematology VGH
Dr. G. Sreenivasan Hematology VGH
Dr. D. Stuart Medical Oncology Burnaby
Dr. S. Sutcilffe Administration VC
Dr. H. Sutherland Hematology VGH
Dr. J. Sutherland Medical Oncology CSI
Dr. A. Tan Medical Oncology AC
Dr. M. Taylor Medical Oncology CSI
Dr. C. Toze Hematology VGH
Dr. P. Tsang Hematology VGH
Dr. L. Vickars Hematology Vancouver
Dr. D. Villa Medical Oncology VC
Dr. E. Wai Radiation Oncology VIC
Dr. A. Weng Pathology VC
Dr. K. Wilson Medical Oncology VIC
Dr. D. Wilson Radiation Oncology VC
Dr. R. Winston Medical Oncology AC
Dr. A. Yee Medical Oncology VIC
Dr. P. Yenson Hematology VGH
Dr. S. Yu Medical Oncology Burnaby Hosp. Regional Ca. Ctr.
Dr. J. Yun Internal Medicine Richmond
Dr. L. Zypchen Hematology VGH 

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